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Place, Poverty, and the New American Welfare State

Scott W. Allard

The Report of President Bill Clinton's Initiative on Race

Edited and with an Introduction by Steven F. Lawson;...

Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet

Daniel J. Solove

For a Muscular, Moral Foreign Policy

Amitai Etzioni

Philip Martin, Manolo Abella, and Christiane Kuptsch

The Social Dynamics of Globalization
Large Type / Large Print Edition

David Singh Grewal

Why Do They Fight? Can They Stop?
Third Edition

Bernard Wasserstein

Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein

The Globalization of Major League Baseball

Alan M. Klein

Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability
Large Type / Large Print Edition

James Gustave Speth

A Home-Based Psychiatric Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Joseph L. Woolston, MD; Jean A. Adnopoz, MPH; and Steven J...

Ilan Stavans with Verónica Albin

Brain Science and Human Knowledge

Gerald M. Edelman, M.D., Ph.D.

Schooling and Family Life in New Haven’s Working Class, 1870-1940

Stephen Lassonde

Intimacy, Exchange, and the Sacred in Africa

Parker Shipton

The New Stage of Market Capitalism

Daniel Yankelovich

Harvey C. Mansfield