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The Politics of Race and Space in a Black Middle-Class Suburb

Bruce D. Haynes; Foreword by Kai Erikson

Architecture in Europe and the Americas

Edited by Henry A. Millon

The City Within the Grand and Royal Canals and the Circular Road, with the Phoenix Park

Christine Casey

A History

Lee Shai Weissbach

Democracy and Power in an American City
Second Edition

Robert A. Dahl; With a new foreword by Douglas W. Rae

Bridget Cherry, Charles O´Brien, and Nikolaus Pevsner

A Musical Gazetteer

Lewis and Susan Foreman

Urbanism and Its End

Douglas W. Rae

Clare Hartwell, Matthew Hyde, and Nikolaus Pevsner

Pevsner City Guide

Ruth Harman and John Minnis; with contributions by Roger...

Blacks, Whites, and the Ocean Hill-Brownsville Crisis

Jerald E. Podair

City of Memory

Michael Haag

Kenneth T. Jackson, General Editor; Introduction by...

An Architectural History

Kathryn A. Morrison

Revised and enlarged edition

Deborah Howard; With new photographs by Sarah Quill and...

Its Rise and Fall, 1880–1950

Robert M. Fogelson

Consumer Choices and Community Consequences

Ann Satterthwaite

An Urban Strategy for America

Anthony Downs