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A Social and Architectural History

James Schmiechen and Kenneth Carls

The Medical and Social Response to the Pain of Childbirth from 1800 to the Present

Donald Caton

Antiquity, Renaissance, Modernity

Edited by Tim Barringer and Elizabeth Prettejohn

A Life

Bruce Seymour

The Ascent of the Superman

Sally Peters

Recent Essays in British Landscape, 1750-1880

Edited by Michael Rosenthal, Christiana Payne, and Scott...

Museums, Material Culture and Popular Imagination in Late Victorian and Edwardian England

Annie E. Coombes

The Community of Women Faculty at Wellesley

Patricia Ann Palmieri

A Long and Lovely Suicide

Melissa Knox

Unmarried Mothers and the Professionalization of Social Work, 1890-1945

Regina G. Kunzel

Ancient Britain and the Romantic Imagination

Sam Smiles

Collegiate Enterprise in New England

David B. Potts

Wilkie Collins and the Female Gothic

Tamar Heller

The Formation of an American Institution, 1790-1880

Anne M. Boylan

English Public Schools 1800-1864

John Chandos