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Favorite Science Books of 2009

Finalist for 2018 CT Book Award

Finalist for book award

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First Amendment Award

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First Prize

First Prize Publication Design Competition

Five Best

Five best books by Chicagoans

Florence Prize for Visual Communication

Florida Book Awards

Fraenkel Prize

Fraenkel Prize

Frances Anderton

Frances Fuller Victor Award for General Nonfiction

Francis Parkman Prize

Frank Jewett Mather Award for Art Criticism

Frank Moore Cross Award

Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Award

Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Award

Fred Buttell Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award

Frederic W. Ness Award

Frederick Douglass Book Prize

Frederick Douglass Book Prize Finalist 2019

Frederick Douglass Book Prize- Finalist

Frederick Douglass Prize

Frederick Jackson Turner Award

Frederick W. Ness Book Award

French American Foundation

French-American Foundation Translation Prize

Fukuoka Asian Academic Prize