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Painting in Stone

Architecture and the Poetics of Marble from Antiquity to the Enlightenment

Fabio Barry

A sweeping history of premodern architecture told through the material of stone Spanning almost five millennia, Painting in Stone tells a new history of premodern architecture through the material of...

October 27, 2020, Hardcover, $65.00

On Color

David Scott Kastan with Stephen Farthing

Ranging from Homer to Picasso, and from the Iranian Revolution to The Wizard of Oz, this spirited and radiant book awakens us anew to the role of color in our lives Our lives are saturated by color....

October 22, 2019, PB-with Flaps, $20.00
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London and the Seventeenth Century

The Making of the World's Greatest City

Margarette Lincoln

The Gunpowder Plot, the Civil Wars, Charles I’s execution, the Plague, the Great Fire, the Restoration, and then the Glorious Revolution: the seventeenth century was one of the most momentous times in the history of Britain,...

February 23, 2021, Hardcover, $32.50

Introduction to the Apocrypha

Jewish Books in Christian Bibles

Lawrence M. Wills

Challenging the way Christian and non-Christian readers think about the Apocrypha, this is an ambitious introduction to the deuterocanonical texts of the Christian Old Testaments. Lawrence Wills introduces these texts in their...

June 22, 2021, Paper, $38.00


A Modern History

Abbas Amanat

A masterfully researched history of Iran from 1501 to 2009“The defiant spirit of [Iran] is brought to life in this monumental history of the past 500 years.”—Richard Spencer, The Times ...

September 17, 2019, Paper, $25.00


Rising Dragon
New Edition, Revised and Updated

Bill Hayton

A much-needed behind-the-scenes survey of an emerging Asian power The eyes of the West have recently been trained on China and India, but Vietnam is rising fast among its Asian peers. A breathtaking period of...

November 24, 2020, Paper, $18.00


The Story of a Family and a Lost Collection

Natalya Semenova; Translated by Arch Tait

The first English-language account of Ivan Morozov and his ambition to build one of the world’s greatest collections of modern art A wealthy Moscow textile merchant, Morozov started buying art in a modest...

November 17, 2020, Hardcover, $32.50

The Battle for Syria

International Rivalry in the New Middle East
New Edition, Revised and Updated

Christopher Phillips

An unprecedented analysis of the crucial but underexplored roles the United States and other nations have played in shaping Syria’s ongoing civil war“One of the best informed and non-partisan accounts of the...

September 22, 2020, Paper, $25.00

Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Creativity and Competition

Edited by Stephanie S. Dickey and Jochen Sander; With contributions by Jonathan Bikker, Jan Blanc, Rudi Ekkart and Claire van den Donk, Robert Fucci, Jasper Hillegers, Maarten Prak, Sonia Del Re, Friederike Schutt, and Martin Sonnabend

An in-depth examination of the crucial role that Amsterdam played in Rembrandt’s evolution as an artist Around the age of 25, Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669) moved from his hometown of Leiden to Amsterdam,...

December 15, 2020, HC - Paper over Board, $50.00

Judaism for the World

Reflections on God, Life, and Love

Arthur Green

An internationally recognized scholar and theologian shares a Jewish mysticism for our times in this " humane, accessible " book (Publishers Weekly, Starred Review)“Green challenges traditional...

September 22, 2020, Hardcover, $30.00