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Joseph Wright of Derby

Painter of Darkness

Matthew Craske

A revelatory study of one of the 18th century’s greatest artists, which places him in relation to the darker side of the English Enlightenment Joseph Wright of Derby (1734–1797), though conventionally known...

November 24, 2020, Hardcover, $60.00

The Late Works of J. M. W. Turner

The Artist and his Critics

Sam Smiles

An exploration of Turner’s final, vital years, including new readings of some of his most significant paintings The paintings and drawings Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775–1851) produced from 1835 to his...

October 13, 2020, Hardcover, $45.00

Prosperity in the Fossil-Free Economy

Cooperatives and the Design of Sustainable Businesses

Melissa K. Scanlan

A blueprint for creating sustainable businesses, emphasizing the power and potential of cooperative models Drawing on both her extensive experience founding and directing social enterprises and her interviews with...

September 28, 2021, Hardcover, $40.00

Spatial Orders, Social Forms

Art and the City in Modern Brazil

Adrian Anagnost

A fascinating look at modernist urban planning and spatial theories in Brazilian 20th-century art and architecture Exploring the intersections among art, architecture, and urbanism in Brazil from the 1920s through...

October 26, 2021, HC - Paper over Board, $75.00

Radical Form

Modernist Abstraction in South America

Megan A. Sullivan

A timely look into how abstract art in South America aimed to envision a better society  Emphasizing the open-ended and self-critical nature of the projects of abstraction in South America from the 1930s through the...

January 11, 2022, Hardcover, $65.00

Reclaiming Patriotism in an Age of Extremes

Steven B. Smith

A rediscovery of patriotism as a virtue in line with the core values of democracy in an extremist age“Like you perhaps, I still regard myself as an extremely patriotic person. Which is why I so admired [this book...

February 23, 2021, Hardcover, $28.00

On Democracy

Robert A. Dahl; With a New Preface, an Introduction, and Two Chapters by Ian Shapiro

Written by the preeminent democratic theorist of our time, this book explains the nature, value, and mechanics of democracy. In a new introduction to this Veritas edition, Ian Shapiro considers how Dahl would respond to the ongoing...

November 24, 2020, Paper, $20.00

The Condor Trials

Transnational Repression and Human Rights in South America

Francesca Lessa

Through the voices of survivors, human rights activists, judicial actors, and experts, The Condor Trials unravels the secrets of transnational repression masterminded by South American dictators between 1969 and 1981. Under...

May 31, 2022, HC - Paper over Board, $65.00

2020 National Gallery Artist in Residence: Rosalind Nashashibi

Daniel F. Herrmann with contributions by Priyesh Mistry and Andrew Parkinson

Exploring the dialogue between the National Gallery, London and contemporary artist Rosalind Nashashibi through her work as artist in residence Rosalind Nashashibi (b. 1973) is a London-based artist known...

June 22, 2021, Hardcover, $35.00


Tom Henry and David Ekserdjian; With contributions by Thomas P. Campbell, Caroline Elam, Arnold Nesselrath and Matthias Wivel

Among the great figures of the Italian Renaissance, Raphael (1483–1520)  is unarguably the artist who has been most widely and consistently admired across the centuries. He had an extraordinary and perhaps unrivaled capacity...

June 21, 2022, Hardcover, $50.00