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Trading with the Enemy

Britain, France, and the 18th-Century Quest for a Peaceful World Order

John Shovlin

A ground-breaking account of British and French efforts to channel their eighteenth-century geopolitical rivalry into peaceful commercial competition Britain and France waged war eight times in the century...

July 13, 2021, Hardcover, $35.00

The Georgians

The Deeds and Misdeeds of 18th Century Britain

Penelope J. Corfield

The Georgian era is often seen as a time of innovations. It saw the end of monarchical absolutism, global exploration and settlements overseas, the world’s first industrial revolution, deep transformations in religious and cultural...

February 1, 2022, Hardcover, $38.00

A Little History of Art

Charlotte Mullins

Why did our ancestors make art? What did art mean to them and what does their art mean for us today? Why is art even important at all?   Charlotte Mullins brings art to life by focusing on those who made it, from teenage...

April 26, 2022, Hardcover, $25.00

Mathematical Models in the Biosciences II

Michael Frame

Volume Two of an award-winning professor’s introduction to essential concepts of calculus and mathematical modeling for students in the biosciences This is the second of a two-part series exploring essential...

October 12, 2021, Paper, $45.00

American Democratic Socialism

History, Politics, Religion, and Theory

Gary Dorrien

A sweeping, ambitious history of American democratic socialism from one of the world’s leading intellectual historians and social ethicists “Dorrien is supremely qualified for the task he has set himself in this...

September 14, 2021, Hardcover, $50.00

The Playful Entrepreneur

How to Adapt and Thrive in Uncertain Times

Mark Dodgson and David M. Gann

A compelling account of how incorporating play into work can help us overcome the uncertainty and turbulence that surrounds work How can we learn to deal with uncertainty at work? The answer, as Dodgson and...

October 26, 2021, Paper, $25.00


Filth, Noise, and Stench in England, 1600-1770

Emily Cockayne

A not-for-the-squeamish journey back through the centuries to urban England, where the streets are crowded, noisy, filthy, and reeking of smoke and decay Modern city-dwellers suffer their share of...

July 20, 2021, Paper, $18.00

Why Food Matters

Paul Freedman

From the author of Ten Restaurants That Changed America,  an exploration of food’s cultural importance and its crucial role throughout human history“A rich and fascinating narrative that reaches deep into...

September 28, 2021, Hardcover, $26.00

Harry White and the American Creed

How a Federal Bureaucrat Created the Modern Global Economy (and Failed to Get the Credit)

James M. Boughton

The life of a major figure in twentieth‑century economic history whose impact has long been clouded by dubious allegations Although Harry Dexter White (1892–1948) was arguably the most important U.S. government...

November 30, 2021, Hardcover, $40.00

Ecology of Dakota Landscapes

Past, Present, and Future

W. Carter Johnson and Dennis H. Knight

W. Carter Johnson and Dennis H. Knight have blended the natural and human histories of the Northern Great Plains into a well-illustrated, comprehensive work. Covering a vast period of time, they move from geological developments...

May 10, 2022, PB-with Flaps, $45.00