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Falasha Anthology

Wolf Leslau

The Falashas, who are the most isolated and most ancient Jewish community extant, have preserved their own religious writings through the centuries.  This book offers a cross section of their sacred literature,...

September 10, 1987, Paper, $27.00

Karaite Anthology

Excerpts from the Early Literature

Leon Nemoy

The Karaites, a small Jewish sect that arose twelve centuries ago and still exists today, was at one time the most outspoken and productive schismatic division in Judaism. The Karaites contributed much to the Jewish...

September 10, 1987, Paper, $41.00

Wayward Capitalists

Targets of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Susan P. Shapiro


September 10, 1987, Paper, $27.00

The Elizabethan Hamlet

Arthur McGee

This original and provocative reinterpretation of Hamlet presents the play as the original audiences would have viewed it--a much bleaker, stronger, and more deeply religious play than it has usually been assumed to be...

September 10, 1987, Cloth, $56.00

Reclaiming a Conversation

The Ideal of Educated Woman

Jane Roland Martin

In this book Jane Roland Martin joins in conversation with five philosophers—Plato, Rousseau, Mary Wollstonecraft, Catharine Beecher, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman—about how women should be educated in an ideal society,...

September 10, 1987, Paper, $24.00

Developmental Theory and Clinical Process

Fred Pine

A distinguished teacher, researcher, and practitioner here shows how the perspectives of contemporary developmental theory and the therapeutic encounter can enrich each other.

September 10, 1987, Paper, $29.00

America through Russian Eyes, 1874-1926

Olga Peters Hasty; Edited by Susanne Fusso

To view the familiar from a different perspective is always enlightening. This engaging collection of travel accounts by Russian writers who visited America around the turn of the century offers fresh insights into both the...

April 27, 1988, Cloth, $57.00

The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 8

Volume 8: Ethical Writings

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by Paul Ramsay

This volume contains two major works of Jonathan Edwards: an unpublished text of a series of sermons he preached in 1738, known as Charity and Its Fruits, and his Two Dissertations: I. Concerning the End for Which...

September 10, 1989, Cloth, $125.00

Violence and Crime in Cross-National Perspective

Dane Archer and Rosemary Gartner

This prize-winning reference work provides data on crime in 110 nations and 44 major cities, making it possible for the first time to examine the patterns and causes of violent crime on a cross-national basis.“In...

September 10, 1987, Paper, $34.00

Marxism and Democracy in Chile

From 1932 to the Fall of Allende

Julio Faúndez

In this book Julio Faúndez traces the development of Chilean politics from 1932 to the overthrow of Allende in 1973, focusing in particular on the participation of Marxist parties in Chile’s democratic government. Relating...

November 16, 1988, Cloth, $65.00