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Spoken Standard Chinese, Volume One

Student Workbook

Vivien Wong and Quincey Lu

This book begins the Spoken Standard Chinese series, which emphasizes natural dialogue and familiarity with a modern, adult vocabulary. Book One uses pinyin romanization and no Chinese characters. An accompanying audio...

March 11, 1982, Paper, $18.00

Spoken Standard Chinese, Volume Two

Parker Po-fei Huang and Hugh M. Stimson

This second book of the Spoken Standard Chinese series completes the presentation of the major grammatical patterns of mdoern Mandarin and introduces an additional 700 words. Book Two uses pinyin romanization. An accompanying...

March 11, 1978, Paper, $34.00

Spoken Standard Chinese, Volume Two

Student Workbook

Vivien Wong and Quincey Lu

This second book of the Spoken Standard Chinese series completes the presentation of the major grammatical patterns of modern Mandarin, and introduces an additional 700 words. Book Two uses pinyin romanization. An...

March 11, 1982, Paper, $18.00

Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

Linda Hsia and Roger Yeu

Twenty tales selected from the popular novel Liao chai chih yi by P'u Sung-Ling are here retold in simple Chinese for the beginning student. The text is at the 600 character level, and is given in both complex and traditional...

March 11, 1977, Paper, $21.00

Charles Ives and the Classical Tradition

Edited by Geoffrey Block and J. Peter Burkholder

Although Charles Ives has long been viewed as the quintessential American composer, he placed himself in the European classical tradition, drew on it heavily for his aesthetic philosophy and musical techniques, and extended...

May 11, 1996, Paper, $35.00

Rome and the African Church in the Time of Augustine

J. E. Merdinger

In the fourth and fifth centuries, North Africa stood second only to Rome as a center of power for the Christian church in the western Roman Empire. Historical tradition holds that this vibrant ecclesiastical community, under...

January 11, 1997, Paper, $29.00

Beethoven in German Politics, 1870-1989

David B. Dennis

This absorbing book chronicles the exploitation of Beethoven's life and work by German political parties from the founding of the modern nation to the East German Revolution of 1989. Drawing on a wealth of previously untapped...

March 11, 1996, Paper, $29.00

Sun Yat-Sen

Volume Four, Supplementary Reading Series for Intermediate Chinese Reader.

Yung Teng Chia-yee

This book tells the story of Sun Yat-Sen, the founder of the Chinese Republic. It is the fourth volume designed to supplement the Intermediate Chinese Reader by John DeFrancis. The text is presented in simplified characters,...

March 11, 1980, Paper, $16.00

Explanation from Physics to Theology

An Essay in Rationality and Religion

Philip Clayton

In this book Philip Clayton defends the rationality of religious explanations by exploring the parallels between explanatory effects in the sciences and the explanations offered by religious believers, students of...

September 10, 1989, Cloth, $58.00

Defending White Collar Crime

A Portrait of Attorneys at Work

Kenneth Mann

The first inside look at how the elite white-collar crime defense bar goes about its work. Mann's book reveals that these lawyers see their main task as controlling information about their clients, especially the flow of...

September 10, 1985, Paper, $30.00