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Bob Thompson

This House Is Mine

Edited by Diana Tuite; With contributions by Kraig Blue, Adrienne L. Childs, Bridget R. Cooks, Robert Cozzolino, Crystal N. Feimster, Jacqueline Francis, Rashid Johnson, Adjoa Jones de Almeida, Monica Marino, Lowery Stokes Sims, and others

A rich reconsideration of a short-lived but visionary voice in twentieth-century American painting and his enduring relevance Bob Thompson (1937–1966) came to critical acclaim in the late 1950s for paintings of...

August 31, 2021, HC - Paper over Board, $45.00

Empires of the Atlantic World

Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830

J. H. Elliott

This epic history compares the empires built by Spain and Britain in the Americas, from Columbus’s arrival in the New World to the end of Spanish colonial rule in the early nineteenth century. J. H. Elliott, one of the most...

April 28, 2020, Paper, $22.00

Reality of Dreams

Post-Neoliberal Utopias in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Japhy Wilson

An exploration of radical megaprojects in the Ecuadorian Amazon, considering the fate of utopian fantasies under conditions of global capitalism From 2007 to 2017, the “Citizens’ Revolution” launched an ambitious...

September 28, 2021, Paper, $45.00

The Weaponisation of Everything

A Field Guide to the New Way of War

Mark Galeotti

An engaging guide to the various ways in which war is now waged—and how to adapt to this new reality Hybrid War, Grey Zone Warfare, Unrestricted War: today, traditional conflict—fought with guns, bombs, and drones...

February 15, 2022, Hardcover, $26.00

The Georgians

The Deeds and Misdeeds of 18th-Century Britain

Penelope J. Corfield

A comprehensive history of the Georgians, comparing past views of these exciting, turbulent, and controversial times with our attitudes today. The Georgian era is often seen as a time of innovations. It saw the end...

February 8, 2022, Hardcover, $38.00

Greater American Camera

Making Modernism in Mexico

Monica Bravo

An engaging investigation of how the relationships between four U.S. photographers and Mexican artists forged new developments in modernism Photographers Edward Weston, Tina Modotti, Paul Strand, and Helen Levitt...

June 15, 2021, HC - Paper over Board, $65.00

The Italian Renaissance Altarpiece

Between Icon and Narrative

David Ekserdjian

The comprehensive study of the Italian Renaissance altarpiece from the 13th to the early 17th century The altarpiece is one of the most distinctive and remarkable art forms of the Renaissance period. It is difficult...

July 27, 2021, Hardcover, $75.00

A Little History of Art

Charlotte Mullins

A thrilling journey through 100,000 years of art, from the origins of mark making to art’s pivotal role in culture today Why did our ancestors make art? What did art mean to them and what does their art mean for us...

April 26, 2022, Hardcover, $25.00

American Democratic Socialism

History, Politics, Religion, and Theory

Gary Dorrien

A sweeping, ambitious history of American democratic socialism from one of the world’s leading intellectual historians and social ethicists  “Gary Dorrien is the greatest theological ethicist of the twenty-first...

September 14, 2021, Hardcover, $50.00

Why Food Matters

Paul Freedman

From the author of Ten Restaurants That Changed America,  an exploration of food’s cultural importance and its crucial role throughout human history“A rich and fascinating narrative that reaches deep into...

September 28, 2021, Hardcover, $26.00