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Playing Indian

Philip J. Deloria; With a New Preface

This provocative book, now reissued with a new preface, explores how white Americans have used their ideas about Native Americans to shape national identity in different eras—and how Indian people have reacted to these imitations of...

April 26, 2022, Paper, $18.00

Guo Pei

Couture Fantasy Coloring Book

Legion of Honor

Explore the stunning couture sketches of designer Guo Pei through this engaging coloring book “My whole design is from my thought and consciousness, in a process of philosophical thinking.… I consider every detail...

April 19, 2022, Paper, $25.00

Courbet's Landscapes

The Origins of Modern Painting

Paul Galvez

A groundbreaking insight into Gustave Courbet and his bold experiments in landscape painting Between 1862 and 1866 Gustave Courbet embarked on a series of sensuous landscape paintings that would later inspire the...

May 24, 2022, Hardcover, $50.00

Constructing Latin America

Architecture, Politics, and Race at the Museum of Modern Art

Patricio del Real

A nuanced look at how the Museum of Modern Art’s carefully curated treatment of Latin American architecture promoted U.S. political, economic, and cultural interests In the interwar period and immediately following...

June 7, 2022, Hardcover, $65.00

Matisse and the Joy of Drawing

Christopher Lloyd

Traces the evolution of Matisse’s work on paper, from experimental beginnings to the artist’s instantly recognizable mature style An internationally recognized expert in the European tradition of draughtsmanship,...

April 26, 2022, Hardcover, $45.00


Photographs by Jim Dow

With essays by Jim Dow and April M. Watson

Vivid, clear-sighted images of American vernacular signage and architecture encountered along old US highways showcase the early black-and-white work of the acclaimed photographer Jim Dow The American photographer...

May 24, 2022, Hardcover, $50.00

The Language of Beauty in African Art

Edited by Constantine Petridis; With contributions by Yaelle Biro, Herbert M. Cole, Kassim Kone, Babatunde Lawal, Constantine Petridis, Wilfried van Damme, and Susan Mullin Vogel

Displacing Western values in scholarship and museum interpretation over the past century through an exploration of traditional African artworks and aesthetic vocabularies This ambitious publication centers...

April 26, 2022, Hardcover, $65.00

The Book of Mormon

The Earliest Text
Second Edition

Edited by Royal Skousen; Translated by Joseph Smith

Now in paperback, this corrected text is based on the earliest sources and represents the most accurate and readable edition of the Book of Mormon ever published First published in 1830, the Book of Mormon is the...

May 10, 2022, Paper, $22.00

In America

A Lexicon of Fashion

Andrew Bolton and Amanda Garfinkel, with Jessica Regan and Stephanie Kramer

Articulating eight decades of American style through the emotive language of clothing—from celebrated designers that established the modern legacy of sportswear to emerging creatives shaping the future of fashion in the...

May 31, 2022, Hardcover, $50.00

English Furniture 1680 - 1760; English Needlework 1600 - 1740

The Percival D. Griffiths Collection (Volumes I and II)

William DeGregorio and Christian Jussel

Brings together a superb collection of over 650 detailed examples English furniture and needlework from 1600 to 1760 These volumes are dedicated to one of the finest collections of early English furniture and...

July 26, 2022, 2-Volume Boxed Set, $200.00