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Burning the Big House

The Story of the Irish Country House in a Time of War and Revolution

Terence Dooley

During the Irish Revolution nearly three hundred country houses were burned to the ground. These “Big Houses” were powerful symbols of conquest, plantation, and colonial oppression, and were caught up in the struggle for independence...

April 19, 2022, Hardcover, $35.00

Guo Pei

Couture Fantasy

Jill D'Alessandro; With contributions by Juanjuan Wu, Sally Yu Leung, and Guo Pei

Guo Pei: Couture Fantasy is a journey into the imaginative world of Guo Pei, China’s first courtier and one of the world’s most innovative fashion designers. Guo Pei has astonished fashion audiences from Beijing to Paris for...

April 19, 2022, Hardcover, $75.00

Why the New Deal Matters

Eric Rauchway

A look at how the New Deal fundamentally changed American life, and why it remains relevant today“A must-read for those who’ve read nothing about the New Deal before, those who’ve read everything about it, and...

April 19, 2022, Paper, $16.00

Guo Pei

Couture Fantasy Coloring Book

Legion of Honor

“My whole design is from my thought and consciousness, in a process of philosophical thinking.… I consider every detail or image when I design.”—Guo Pei Hailed as China’s first couturier, Guo Pei is renowned for her...

April 19, 2022, Paper, $25.00

2021 National Gallery Artist in Residence: Ali Cherri

Priyesh Mistry With contributions by Daniel F. Herrmann and Martin Roberts

The National Gallery’s second Artist in Residence is Ali Cherri (b. 1976), the Lebanon-born artist based in Beirut and Paris. Known for his sculptures, films and installations, Cherri is interested in the aesthetics, practices and...

April 12, 2022, HC - Paper over Board, $35.00

Violent Appetites

Hunger in the Early Northeast

Carla Cevasco

Carla Cevasco reveals the disgusting, violent history of hunger in the context of the colonial invasion of early northeastern North America. Locked in constant violence throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Native...

April 12, 2022, HC - Paper over Board, $50.00

The Bin Laden Papers

How the Abbottabad Raid revealed the Truth about Al Qaeda, its Leader and his Family

Nelly Lahoud

Usama Bin Laden’s greatest fear was not capture or death, but the exposure of al-Qaeda’s secrets. At great risk to themselves and the entire mission, the U.S. Special Operations Forces, who carried out the Abbottabad raid that killed...

April 12, 2022, Hardcover, $28.00

Power and Justice in Medieval England

The Law of Patronage and the Royal Courts

Joshua C. Tate

Appointing a parson to the local church following a vacancy—an “advowson”—was one of the most important rights in medieval England. The king, the monasteries, and local landowners all wanted to control advowsons because they meant...

April 12, 2022, HC - Paper over Board, $55.00

Turkey Under Erdogan

How a Country Turned from Democracy and the West

Dimitar Bechev

Since coming to power in 2002 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has overseen a radical transformation of Turkey. Once a pillar of the Western alliance, the country has embarked on a militaristic foreign policy, intervening in regional flashpoints...

April 12, 2022, Hardcover, $28.00

The Castle

A History

John Goodall

The castle has long had a pivotal place in English life, associated with lordship, landholding, and military might, and today it remains a powerful symbol of history. But castles have never been merely impressive fortresses—they were...

April 12, 2022, Hardcover, $26.00