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The Tragedy of Political Science

Politics, Scholarship, and Democracy

David M. Ricci

A comprehensive review and thoughtful critique of the development of political science as an academic discipline in this century, Ricci’s strong indictment of political science will be a source of lively controversy...

September 10, 1987, Paper, $34.00

Black Holes

The Membrane Paradigm

Edited by Kip S. Thorne, Douglas A. MacDonald, and Richard H. Price

This pedagogical introduction to the physics of black holes emphasizes the “membrane paradigm”, which translates the mathematics and physics of black holes into a form accessible to readers with little knowledge of...

September 10, 1986, Paper, $40.00

Jewish High Society in Old Regime Berlin

Deborah Hertz

During the quarter century between 1780 and 1806, Berlin's courtly and intellectual elites gathered in the homes of a few wealthy, cultivated Jewish women to discuss the events of the day. Princes, nobles, upwardly mobile...

April 27, 1988, Cloth, $64.00

Sumerian Administrative Documents from the Reigns of Isbi-Erra and Su-ilisu

Babylonian Inscriptions in the Collection of James B. Nies, Volume X

Marc Van De Mieroop

September 10, 1987, Cloth, $55.00

Beginning Chinese Reader, Part 2

Second Edition

John DeFrancis

This second edition, like the earlier first edition, introduces some of the main varieties of Chinese as found before and after the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949. While continuing to stress the basic...

September 10, 1977, Paper, $52.00

Cambodian-English Glossary

Franklin E. Huffman and Im Proum

Designed to accompany the series of Cambodian readers prepared by Franklin E. Huffman and Im Proum, this work is now reissued as an aid not only to students of the Cambodian language but also to Cambodians residing in English...

September 10, 1981, Paper, $21.00

The Protestant Establishment

Aristocracy and Caste in America

E. Digby Baltzell

This classic account of the traditional upper class in America traces its origins, lifestyles, and political and social attitudes from the time of Theodore Roosevelt to that of John F. Kennedy. Sociologist E. Digby...

September 10, 1987, Paper, $42.00

Trauma and Mastery in Life and Art

Gilbert J. Rose, M.D.

September 10, 1987, Cloth, $32.00

Grammar and Gender

Dennis Baron

A lively history of the sexual biases that exist in our language and a fascinating account of past and present efforts to correct these biases by reforming usage and vocabulary.   “A valuable contribution to the...

September 10, 1987, Paper, $29.00

The Material Basis of Evolution


RIchard Goldschmidt

In his autobiography, published posthumously in 1960, Richard Goldschmidt wrote: “I am confident that in twenty years my [work], which is now ignored, will be given an honorable place in the history of evolutionary...

September 10, 1982, Paper, $45.00