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The Divine Relativity

A Social Conception of God

Charles Hartshorne

Charles Hartshorne has set himself the task of formulating the idea of deity "to preserve perhaps even increase, its religious value, while yet avoiding the contradictions which seem inseparable from the idea of customarily...

September 10, 1982, Paper, $21.00

The Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe (Series 4)

Volume 1 4-1, 1784-1804

Benjamin Henry Latrobe; Edited by John C. Van Horne and Lee W. Formwalt

This volume is the first of what will be three volumes of selected correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1764-1820), America’s first professional architect and engineer.Of the 235...

September 10, 1985, Cloth, $175.00

Class and Economic Change in Kenya

The Making of an African Petite-Bourgeoisie

Gavin Kitching

This analysis of the transformation of the political economy of colonial and post-colonial Kenya is followed by a theoretical discussion of its implications for such issues as the type of class analysis which is appropriate...

April 15, 2011, Paper, $42.00

How Courts Govern America

Richard Neely

It is a familiar complaint that the courts are everywhere and no one is untouched by court intrusions into our everyday life.  Why have life-tenured judges who are beyond the reach of the democratic process taken...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $30.00

Paganism in the Roman Empire

Ramsay MacMullen

“MacMullen…has published several books in recent years which establish him, rightfully, as a leading social historian of the Roman Empire. The current volume exhibits many of the characteristics of its predecessors: the...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $29.00

Man, The Promising Primate

The Conditions of Human Evolution, Second edition

Peter J. Wilson

In spite of recent advances in the study of evolution, scholars have shied away from the most intriguing problem of all—how and why animal nature became human nature.  In confronting this problem, Peter Wilson leads...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $24.00

Woman the Gatherer

Edited by Frances Dahlberg

Studies of human evolution and prehistory that use the concept “man the hunter” assign a crucial role to hunting in the formation of our species.  This emphasis on male activities in the human adaptation neglects the...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $29.00

A Manual of Modern Greek, I

For University Students: Elementary to Intermediate

Anne Farmakides

Developed by Anne Farmakides, associate professor of classics and director of the Modern Greek Studies program at McGill University, this series, which keeps in view the whole spectrum of the Greek language, uses a combined...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $32.00

Health and Human Values

A Guide to Making your own Decisions

Frank M. Harron

Although modern developments in medical science have produced some dramatic benefits, they have also raised difficult and sometimes controversial moral and legal questions. How much information should a physician give to a...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $25.00

English for Speakers of Khmer

Franklin E. Huffman and Im Proum

The leading American specialist in Khmer language studies, Franklin Huffman, in collaboration with Im Proum, has since 1970 produced a distinguished series of aids to the teaching of Khmer.  Now, beginning with the English...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $55.00