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The War Trap

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

“This illuminating work is a masterful study that delves into the causes of war using a wholly new approach. Utilizing the assumptions of rational behavior, de Mesquita focuses on the perspective of decision making as an...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $19.00

Semiotics and Interpretation

Robert Scholes


September 10, 1983, Paper, $20.00

The Practical Negotiator

I. William Zartman and Maureen R. Berman; Foreword by Alvin C. Eurich

The art of international negotiation can be learned, according to William Zartman and Maureen Berman.  Their purpose in this book is to teach aspiring diplomas and others how to negotiate most effectively.  Drawing on...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $29.00

The New American Dilemma

Liberal Democracy and School Desegregation

Jennifer L. Hochschild

Conventional wisdom and democratic theory hold that the best way to achieve controversial policy changes is in small, cautious steps and with participation of the various groups involved.  Yet America’s thirty years of...

September 10, 1984, Paper, $19.00

Short-Term Counseling

Guidelines Based on Recent Research

Irving L. Janis

How can counselors be most effective in advising clients who seek help in making vital decisions concerning health, career, marriage or other aspects of their personal lives? Irving Janis offers this practical guide, basing...

September 10, 1983, Paper, $26.00

The Evolution of the Flightless Bird

Richard Kenney

Richard Kenney's The Evolution of the Flightless Bird, the winning volume in the 1983 Yale Series of Younger Poets competition, was selected from among 650 entries in this annual competition.  All...

September 10, 1984, Paper, $20.00

The French Correction

Grammatical Problems for Review and Reference

Norman Susskind

"This useful and approachable book much to help students at the intermediate level and beyond to identify many of the more troublesome points of idiomatic French usage.  It probably should be required reading in...

September 10, 1984, Paper, $20.00

Memoirs of King George II

The Yale Edition of Horace Walpole's Memoirs

Horace Walpole; Edited by John Brooke

March 11, 1985, Cloth, $160.00

A History of European Socialism

Albert S. Lindemann

"This is a serious and accomplished synthesis. . . . Biographical vignettes enliven the presentation of ideas, and references to studies of regional diversities . . . give the narrative an uncommonly rich texture. . . ....

September 10, 1984, Paper, $39.00

Justice Accused

Antislavery and the Judicial Process

Robert M. Cover

What should a judge do when he must hand down a ruling based on a law that he considers unjust or oppressive? This question is examined through a series of problems concerning unjust law that arose with respect to slavery in...

September 10, 1984, Paper, $34.00