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Evolution in Science and Religion

Robert Andrews Millikan

This volume is based upon the seventeenth series of lectures delivered at Yale University on the Foundation established by the late Dwight H. Terry of Plymouth, Connecticut, through his gift of an endowment fund for the...

March 1, 1927, Cloth, $48.00

Down the Santa Fe Trail and Into Mexico

Diary of Susan Shelby Magoffin 1846-1847

Edited by Stella M. Drumm

Her journal describes the excitement, routine, and dangers of a successful merchant's wife. On the trail for fifteen months, moving from house to house and town to town, she became adept in Spanish and the lingo of traders,...

March 11, 1926, Paper, $34.00

Concerning Evolution

J. Arthur Thomson

An important step toward a re-correlation of science and religion.  In this volume the distinguished author of “The Outline of Science” gives the layman a clear and comprehensive picture of the processes of evolution. 

March 1, 1925, Cloth, $58.00

The Growth of the Law

Benjamin N. Cardozo

Judge Cardozo develops further in this book the theory of law expressed in The Nature of Judicial Process.  Having dealt with the question, “How do I decide a case?” he now asks, “How should I decide it?”...

March 11, 1924, Paper, $21.00

Lectures on Modern Idealism

Josiah Royce

A classic study of the origins and foundations of post-Kantian idealism."Royce has . . . gone straight for the toughest kernel of that period of thought, Kant’s Deduction of the Categories, and has actually...

March 11, 1919, Paper, $29.00