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The Insanity Defense

Abraham S. Goldstein

For more than a century, the insanity defense has been the most passionately debated issue in criminal law, the focal point of deeply rooted conflicts as to the function of a law of crime.  Unfortunately, however, the debate...

March 1, 1967, Paper, $32.00

Chinese Civilization and Bureaucracy

Variations on a Theme

Etienne Balazs; Translated by H.M. Wright; Edited by Arthur F. Wright

Born in Hungary, trained in Chinese studies in Germany, Etienne Balazs was, until his sudden and premature death in 1963, a professor at the Sorbonne and an intellectual leader among European specialists on China.  In this...

March 11, 1967, Paper, $34.00

Speak Cantonese, Book Three

Parker Po-fei Huang

Speak Cantonese, Book Three, is one of a series of books that teaches the modern spoken language of Cantonese, one of the major dialects of Chinese.  As appropriate for a text of its kind, it is entirely in romaniation...

March 11, 1967, Paper, $32.00

Speak Cantonese, Book Three

Parker Po-fei Huang

This audio program is the companion to Book Three of the Speak Cantonese series.

March 11, 1967, MP3 Audio Disc, $49.95

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 11

Volume 11: January 1, 1764 through December 31, 1764

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Leonard W. Labaree, Helen C. Boatfield, and James H. Hutson

September 10, 1967, Cloth, $125.00

The Yale Editions of Horace Walpole's Correspondence, Volume 24

With Sir Horace Mann, VIII

Horace Walpole; Edited by George L. Lam, W. S. Lewis and Warren Hunting Smith; With the assistance of Edwine M. Martz

September 10, 1967, Cloth, $85.00

An Atlas of Russian History

Eleven Centuries of Changing Borders, Revised Edition

Allen F. Chew

This atlas, which combines thorough scholarship with the most practical features for use, will become an indispensable supplement to texts on Russian history for the historian, the student, and the inquiring layman.  The...

September 10, 1967, Paper, $22.00

Intermediate Chinese Reader, Part I

John DeFrancis

The general approach in writing this text is the same as that in Beginning Chinese Reader.  It is discussed in some detail in the introduction to that work.  Salient features include:1) Selection of...

September 10, 1967, Paper, $63.00

Twenty Lectures on Chinese Culture

An Intermediary Chinese Textbook

Richard Chang, Howard H. Chao, Parker Po-Fei Huang, and Linda Hsia

Written with the two-fold purpose of increasing proficiency in the language and affording an insight into Chinese civilization, this unusual book has lectures on such varied subjects as the people and culture of China, the...

September 10, 1967, Paper, $25.00

The Meaning of Evolution

A Study of the History of Life and of Its Significance for Man, Revised Edition

George Gaylord Simpson

A world-famous scientist answers the fundamental questions concerning the changes in the course of the history of life and considers human aims, values, and duties in the light of the nature of man and his place in the...

September 10, 1967, Paper, $39.00