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Ephesians 1-3

A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary by Markus Barth

Encompassing the body of Pauline theology, Ephesians (volumes 34 and 34A of the acclaimed Anchor Bible series) has been called "the crown of St. Paul's writings," yet both its authorship and addressees are the...

August 6, 1974, Cloth, $65.00

The Invention of Dante's Commedia

John G. Demaray

Centuries before and after Dante's composition of the Commedia, European pilgrims on the greatest journey of their lives sailed to Egypt, retraced the path of the Exodus to Jerusalem, and then voyaged to the eternal city of...

April 1, 1974, Paper, $24.00


Pevsner completed his survey of England's buildings with Staffordshire. A county of striking contrasts, it includes the industrial towns that make up Stoke-on-Trent and much of the Black Country, but also the cathedral city...

March 11, 1974, Cloth, $65.00


Jennifer Sherwood and Nikolaus Pevsner

Oxford's unique collection of university and college buildings both old and new form a major part of this book. The city itself with its medieval walls and castle and ancient churches is also fully described. Among the county...

March 11, 1974, Cloth, $65.00

The Ancient View of Greek Art

Criticism, History, and Terminology

What did the ancient Greeks think about their own art?  J.J. Pollitt attempts to answer this question by studying the critical terminology of the ancient Greeks—the terms they used to describe and evaluate sculpture,...

January 1, 1974, Cloth, $45.00

The Yale Editions of Horace Walpole's Correspondence, Volume 36

With the Walpole Family

Horace Walpole; Edited by W. S. Lewis and Joseph Reed, Jr.; With the assistance of Edwine M. Martz

October 11, 1973, Cloth, $85.00

The Yale Edition of the Complete Works of St. Thomas More

Volume 8, Parts I-III, The Confutation of Tyndale`s Answer

St. Thomas More; Edited by Louis A. Schuster, Richard C. Marius, and James P. Lusardi

September 10, 1973, Cloth, $300.00

Indenture at Nuzi

The Personal Tidennutu Contract and Its Mesopotamian Analogues

Barry L. Eichler

This study of an ancient Mesopotamian irrigation archive makes available an important and difficult set of documents that are of significance for the history of irrigation and the social and administrative structure in...

September 10, 1973, Cloth, $55.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 17

Volume 17, January 1, 1770 through December 31, 1770

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by William B. Willcox

 The year 1770 was momentous on both sides of the Atlantic. In England, Lord North began his long and calamitous ministry by repealing all the Townsend duties except that on tea. This partial repeal eroded the basis of the...

September 10, 1973, Cloth, $125.00

The Yale Editions of Horace Walpole's Correspondence, Volume 35

With John Chute, Richard Bentley, the Earl of Stafford, Sir William Hamilton, the Earl and Countess Harcourt, George Hardinge

Horace Walpole; Edited by W. S. Lewis, A. Dayle Wallace, and Robert A. Smith; With the assistance of Edwine M. Martz

September 10, 1973, Cloth, $85.00