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Black Christians and White Missionaries

Richard Gray

As the centers of world Christianity shift toward Africa and Latin America, the impact of these areas on the development of Christianity becomes increasingly important. In this book one of the world’s leading...

December 11, 1959, Paper, $17.00

George Berkeley in America

Edwin S. Gaustad

In 1728 George Berkeley, the Irish philosopher and Anglican priest, came to America in the hope of founding a university in Bermuda and converting the Indians.  He never reached Bermuda, where within a few years no Indians...

December 11, 1959, Paper, $26.00

Marx’s Social Critique of Culture

Louis Dupré

This study sheds new light on Marx’s achievement by presenting a critical reading of his interpretation of culture.  Dupré discusses the relation of Marx to previous philosophers, especially Hegel; the stages of development...

December 11, 1959, Paper, $32.00

The Diary of Joseph Farington

Volume 10

Joseph Farington

December 11, 1959, Cloth, $125.00

The Diary of Joseph Farington

Volume 9

Joseph Farington

December 11, 1959, Cloth, $180.00

The Yale Edition of The Swinburne Letters

Volume 2, 1869-1875

Algernon Charles Swinburne

October 11, 1959, Cloth, $105.00

The American Mind

An Interpretation of American Thought and Character Since the 1880's

Henry Steele Commager

In a book written out of a passionate belief in the staying powers of the democratic principles, a noted historian has written a major work that may be described as an interpretation of American thought and character...

September 10, 1959, Paper, $47.00

The Lower Depths and Other Plays

Maxim Gorky; Translated by Alexander Bakshy and Paul S. Nathan

In addition to the celebrated Lower Depths, this volume contains a biographical sketch of Gorky by Alexander Bakshy and two of his less well-known plays, Enemies and The Zykovs.

September 10, 1959, Paper, $26.00

The Yale Edition of The Swinburne Letters

Volume 1, 1854-1869

Algernon Charles Swinburne

September 10, 1959, Cloth, $105.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1

Volume 1: January 6, 1706 through December 31, 1734

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Leonard W. Labaree

This is the first volume to come from a great scholarly undertaking, the assembly and editing of Benjamin Franklin's complete writings and correspondence. Sponsored jointly by the American Philosophical Society and Yale...

September 10, 1959, Cloth, $125.00