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Review of Book #19390912

“An eye-opening account  . . . engagingly written.”—Devin Coldewey, TechCrunch
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The Jews of Eighteenth-Century Jamaica

A Testamentary History of a Diaspora in Transition

Stanley Mirvis

An in-depth look at the Portuguese Jews of Jamaica and their connections to broader European and Atlantic trade networks Based on last wills and testaments composed by Jamaican Jews between 1673 and 1815,...

May 18, 2020, HC - Paper over Board, $65.00

Modern Look

Photography and the American Magazine

Mason Klein; With essays by Maurice Berger, Leslie Camhi, and Marvin Heiferman

A fascinating exploration of how photography, graphic design, and popular magazines converged to transform American visual culture at mid-century This dynamic study examines the intersection of modernist...

May 12, 2020, HC - Paper over Board, $45.00

Eloquent Bodies

Movement, Expression, and the Human Figure in Gothic Sculpture

Jacqueline E. Jung

A radical reassessment of the role of movement, emotion, and the viewing experience in Gothic sculpture Gothic cathedrals in northern Europe dazzle visitors with arrays of sculpted saints, angels, and noble...

May 12, 2020, Hardcover, $75.00

Early Irish Sculpture and the Art of the High Crosses

Roger Stalley

An exciting new account of Irish high crosses This landmark study of Irish high crosses focuses on the carvings of an unnamed artist, the “Muiredach Master,” whose monuments—completed in the early years of...

May 12, 2020, Hardcover, $50.00

About Time

Fashion and Duration

Andrew Bolton; With a contribution by Michael Cunningham

Traces fashions from 1870 to the present along a conceptual, disruptive, and nontraditional timeline of fashion history Fashion not only reflects and represents the spirit of the times, it also changes and...

May 12, 2020, Hardcover, $65.00

Review of Book #25161696

The Internet in Everything demonstrates that cybersecurity is among the most important human rights issues. DeNardis finds that the unresolved tensions in cybersecurity have immense implications for our private and public lives.”—Phil Howard, author of Pax Technica: How the Internet of Things May Set Us Free or Lock Us Up
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Building a New New World

Amerikanizm in Russian Architecture

Jean-Louis Cohen

An essential exploration of how Russian ideas about the United States shaped architecture and urban design from the czarist era to the fall of the U.S.S.R. Idealized representations of America, as both an...

May 5, 2020, Paper, $40.00

James Prosek

Art, Artifact, Artifice

James Prosek; With an essay by Edith Devaney

Works by Prosek and others are juxtaposed with natural objects in an illuminating interrogation of the artificial boundaries we create between art and nature Award-winning artist, writer, and naturalist...

May 5, 2020, Hardcover, $35.00


Letizia Treves; With Sheila Barker, Patrizia Cavazzini, Elizabeth Cropper, Larry Keith, Francesco Solinas, and Francesca Whitlum-Cooper

The first exhibition catalogue dedicated only to Artemisia Gentileschi Artemisia Gentileschi (1593–1654 or later) is the most celebrated woman artist of the baroque period in Italy. Her career spanned more...

May 5, 2020, Hardcover, $45.00