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The Jewish Expression

Judah Goldin

In this classic collection, once again available in a paperbound edition, leading modern scholars examine and interpret 3,000 years of Jewish literature and history.  The essays study the actions and institutions of the...

April 1, 1976, Paper, $47.00

Fifty-Five T’ang Poems

A Text in the Reading and Understanding of T’ang Poetry

Hugh M. Stimson

Four masters of the shi form of Chinese poetry, who are generally considered to be giants in the entire history of Chinese literature, are represented in this book: three from the eighth century, and one from the ninth. A few...

March 11, 1976, Paper, $26.00

Spoken Standard Chinese, Volume One

Parker Po-fei Huang and Hugh M. Stimson

This book begins the Spoken Standard Chinese series, which emphasizes natural dialogue and familiarity with a modern, adult vocabulary. Book One uses pinyin romanization and no Chinese characters. An accompanying audio...

March 11, 1976, Paper, $34.00

The History of King Richard III and Selections from the English and Latin Poems

St. Thomas More; Edited by Richard S. Sylvester

This volume is the third to appear in the modernized series of Selected Works of St. Thomas More, a series designed to make available to the general reader works which have already appeared or are about to appear in...

March 11, 1976, Paper, $24.00

The White-Haired Girl

Volume One, Supplementary Reading Series for Intermediate Chinese Reader

Chih-yu Ho

The White-Haired Girl relates the story of one of the most famous figures of the Chinese Revolution. This text is the first volume designed to supplement the Intermediate Chinese Reader by John DeFrancis. It is presented in...

March 11, 1976, Paper, $8.95

The Stratification of Musical Rhythm

Maury Yeston

There are many books on counterpoint and harmony, but few indeed on the theory of rhythm.  Those few approach it through its graphic notation, or in terms of metrical feet, as if it were poetry.  Maury Yeston treats...

February 28, 1976, Cloth, $55.00

Structuralism in Literature

An Introduction

Robert Scholes

From time to time a current of thought sweeps through a culture and moves its most disparate elements in the same direction. Such a current is structuralism. Reacting against "modernist" alienation and fragmentation, it is an...

September 10, 1975, Paper, $24.00

Pathways to People

Leonard W. Doob

In this wide-ranging and fascinating book, Leonard Doob explores what we know about human action and interaction in order to show how people succeed or fail in their constant attempts to understand each other.  He organizes...

September 10, 1975, Paper, $34.00

The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, Volumes 1-25

Abstracts and Index

Edited by Ruth S. Eissler, Albert J. Solnit, Anna Freud, and Marianne Kris

The completeness and excellence of the abstracts make this volume a valuable guide and reference book for all students and scholars who do not own the complete set. For those who do own the first twenty-five volumes, the...

September 10, 1975, Cloth, $85.00

Science Since Babylon

Enlarged Edition

Derek J. deSolla Price

An eye-opening work for anyone concerned with the humanistic understanding of science "Enlightening reading for the scientist and non-scientist alike."—Times Educational Supplement

September 10, 1975, Paper, $13.00