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A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary by E.A. Speiser

Genesis is Volume I in the Anchor Bible series of new book-by-book translations of the Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha. Ephraim Avigdor Speiser was University Professor and Chairman of the Department of Oriental...

January 1, 1963, Cloth, $65.00

How To Be Fit

New Revised Edition

Robert Kiphuth

The maintenance of our physical fitness is a matter of national concern, from the President’s Council on Youth Fitness to our private efforts to preserve youthful proportions. Coach Kiphuth has been campaigning since the...

December 11, 1962, Paper, $24.00

The Framing of the Constitution of the United States

Max Farrand

A classic in American constitutional history, Max Farrand’s famous account of the Federal Convention presents a vivid analysis of the conditions, the convictions, and the men who framed the Constitution of the United...

September 10, 1962, Paper, $32.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 5

Volume 5: July 1, 1753 through March 31, 1755

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Leonard W. Labaree

September 10, 1962, Cloth, $125.00

The Code of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah)

Book 6, The Book of Asservations

Translated by B. D. Klein

The imposing task of making available in English a reliable and fully annotated edition of Maimonides’ codification of ancient Jewish laws and rituals continues with the publication of the Book in which he deals with...

September 10, 1962, Cloth, $65.00

Beginning Japanese

Part 1

Eleanor Harz Jorden and Hamako Ito Chaplin

Beginning Japanese (Parts I and II) contains thirty-five lessons, all of which have the same basic pattern and involve the same procedures.  Each lesson requires many hours of class work supplemented by outside study...

September 10, 1962, Paper, $30.00

An Essay on Man

An Introduction to a Philosophy of Human Culture

Ernst Cassirer

“The best and most mature expression of [Cassirer's] thought.”—Journal of Philosophy"No reader of this book can fail to be struck by the grandeur of its program or by the sensitive...

September 10, 1962, Paper, $20.00

Mankind Evolving

The Evolution of the Human Species

Theodosius Dobzhansky

The Silliman Lectures at Yale University have been responsible for many books which have greatly influenced the progress of scientific work in the twentieth century.  One of the foremost scientists of our time,...

March 11, 1962, Paper, $16.00

The Yale Editions of Horace Walpole's Correspondence, Volume 31

With Hannah More, Lady Browne, Lady Mary Coke, Lady Hervey, Mary Hamilton, Lady George Lennox, Anne Pitt, and Lady Suffolk

Horace Walpole; Edited by W. S. Lewis

These two volumes of Horace Walpole's correspondence illustrate the breadth and variety of Walpole's friendships. The rakes, wits, and politicians of Volume 30 are the intimates of his younger days as an active...

October 11, 1961, Cloth, $85.00

The Code of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah)

Book 3, The Book of Seasons

Translated by Solomon Gandz and Hyman Klein

This book deals with festivals and fast days. The Book of Seasons is divided into ten treaties.

September 10, 1961, Cloth, $90.00