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Functional Anatomy of the Newborn

Edmund S. Crelin

The need for accurate information about the anatomy of the newborn infant led to the publication in 1968 of Dr. Crelin’s large and detailed atlas, the first of its kind.  The present volume is a synopsis of that atlas. ...

March 1, 1973, Paper, $30.00

The Police and the Public

Albert J. Reiss, Jr.

Riding with patrol cars in four major northern cities, walking with policemen on the beat, observing what goes on in police stations, analyzing who telephones the police, what crimes are reported, who reports them, and why,...

February 1, 1973, Paper, $26.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 16

Volume 16: January 1, 1769, through December 31, 1769

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by William B. Willcox, Dorothy W. Bridgwater, Mary L. Hart, Claude A. Lopez, Catherine M. Prelinger, and G. B. Warden

September 10, 1972, Cloth, $125.00

The Code of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah)

Book 4, The Book of Women

Translated by Isaac Klein

From the point of view of method and organization, the Code of Maimonides, written in the twelfth century, is still considered one of the great codes in the history of jurisprudence.  The Book of Women, the fourth...

September 10, 1972, Cloth, $85.00

The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 4

Volume 4: The Great Awakening

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by C. C. Goen

Interpreting the Great Awakening of the eighteenth century was in large part the work of Jonathan Edwards; whose writings on the subject defined the revival tradition in America. Moving from sensitive descriptions of "the...

September 10, 1972, Cloth, $125.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 15

Volume 15: January 1, 1768, through December 31 1768

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by William B. Willcox, Dorothy W. Bridgwater, Mary L. Hart, and Claude A. Lopez; Edited by G. B. Warden

September 10, 1972, Cloth, $125.00

Theory of Value

An Axiomatic Analysis of Economic Equilibrium

Gerard Debreu

"[This] beautiful and austere book . . . [is] an important landmark of economic theory."—F.H. Hahn, Journal of Political Economy   "An immortal classic of twentieth century economics. Every...

September 10, 1972, Paper, $26.00


Participation and Opposition

Robert A. Dahl

"A tightly woven explanation of the conditions under which cultures that do not tolerate political opposition may be transformed into societies that do."—Foreign Affairs "[Dahl's] analysis is lucid,...

September 10, 1972, Paper, $26.00

Intermediate Cambodian Reader

Franklin E. Huffman

This book is a sequel to the author’s Cambodian System of Writing and Beginning Reader, published by the Yale University Press in 1970.  It is intended to develop the student’s ability to the point of reading...

March 11, 1972, Paper, $50.00


A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary by Delbert R. Hillers

The poetry found in the Book of Lamentations is an eloquent expression of one man’s, and one nation’s, despair. The poet is deep in mourning as a result of the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in the sixth century...

March 7, 1972, Cloth, $50.00