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The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 14

Volume 14: January 1, 1767 through December 31, 1767

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Leonard W. Labaree, Helen C. Boatfield, and James H. Hutson

September 10, 1970, Cloth, $125.00

The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 3

Volume 3: Original Sin

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by Clyde A. Holbrook

The controversy over human deprivation which raged throughout the eighteenth century was no mere intramural squabble among theologians but an important phase of the evolution in Western man’s estimate of his nature and...

September 10, 1970, Cloth, $125.00

The Cost of Accidents

A Legal and Economic Analysis

Guido Calabresi

Accident law is currently under review throughout the United States, and indeed the world, as present systems prove increasingly inadequate to handle the mounting costs of automobile accidents. In this pioneering work, Guido...

September 10, 1970, Paper, $34.00

Fabricated Man

The Ethics of Genetic Control

Paul Ramsey

“Because those who come after us may not be like us, or because those like us may not come after us, or because after a time there may be none to come after us, mankind must now set to work to insure that those who come after...

August 1, 1970, Paper, $21.00

The Gospel According to John, XIII-XXI

A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary by Raymond E. Brown

This volume concludes Raymond E. Brown's commentary on the Gospel of John. Continuing his study begun in Anchor Bible Volume 29, the author translates the original Greek text into today's English. which allows all...

June 10, 1970, Cloth, $75.00

Cambodian System of Writing and Beginning Reader

Franklin E. Huffman

The reader contains 32 selections from some of the most important and best-known works of Cambodian literature in a variety of genres - historical prose, folktales, epic poetry, didactic verse, religious literature, the...

March 11, 1970, Paper, $37.00

Spoken Cambodian

Modern Spoken Cambodian

Franklin E. Huffman

The aim of this volume is to provide the student with a thorough command of the basic structures of standard spoken Cambodian. The course is based on the audio-oral method of language teaching developed by the Intensive...

March 11, 1970, Paper, $45.00

Ben Jonson: Selected Masques

Stephen Orgel

The Renaissance court masque, traditionally an entertainment of music, dancing, pageantry, and spectacular scenic effects was transformed by Ben Jonson into a serious mode of literary expression. Because its flexibility...

March 1, 1970, Paper, $39.00

Psalms III 101-150

Introduction, Translation, and Notes with an Appendix, The Grammar of the Psalter by Mitchell Dahood, S.J.

This is Volume 17A of The Anchor Bible, a new book-by-book translation of the Bible, each complete with an introduction and notes. Psalms III (101-150) is translated and edited by Mitchell Dahood, S.J., Professor of...

January 1, 1970, Paper, $50.00

The Gospel According to Luke I-IX

Introduction, Translation, and Notes by Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.

In this first of two volumes on the Gospel According to Luke, Joseph A. Fitzmyer provides an exhaustive introduction, a definitive new translation, and extensive notes and commentary on Luke’s Gospel. Fitzmyer brings...

January 1, 1970, Paper, $45.00