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The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 7

Volume 7: October 1, 1756 through March 31, 1758

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Leonard W. Labaree

The seventh volume concludes the first period of Franklin's public service in Pennsylvania, and takes him to England to begin his "second career," that of colonial agent. Problems of defense during the war with France,...

September 10, 1963, Cloth, $125.00

Volpone, or The Fox

Ben Jonson; Edited by Alvin Kernan

Volpone, or “The Fox,” is one of Jonson’s most popular plays and through the years has been a favorite of both theater-goers and readers.  Professor Kernan offers his own interpretation, in a critical introduction...

September 10, 1963, Paper, $26.00

The Yale Edition of The Complete Works of St. Thomas More

Volume 2, The History of King Richard III

St. Thomas More; Edited by Richard S. Sylvester

Although it is generally accepted that More's Richard III initiates modern historical writing, there has been no scholarly edition of either the Latin of the English versions. The Yale St. Thomas More Project has now...

September 10, 1963, Cloth, $125.00

The Victorian Frame of Mind, 1830-1870

Walter E. Houghton

“It is now forty years,” Walter Houghton writes, “since Lytton Strachey decided that we knew too much about the Victorian era to view its culture as a whole.”  Recently the tide has turned and the Victorians have been...

September 10, 1963, Paper, $27.00

The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 2

"The Idler" and "The Adventurer"

Samuel Johnson; Edited by John M. Bullitt, W. J. Bate, and L. F. Powell

September 10, 1963, Cloth, $110.00

Two Early Tudor Lives

The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey by George Cavendish; The Life of Sir Thomas More by William Roper

Edited by Richard S. Sylvester and Davis P. Harding; George Cavendish and William Roper

"The serious student of the era and the even larger number of enthusiastic admirers of the historical literature for that complex and challenging age will be profoundly grateful for this compact, modern version of two...

September 10, 1963, Paper, $29.00

Beginning Japanese

Part 2

Eleanor Harz Jorden and Hamako Ito Chaplin

Beginning Japanese (Parts I and II) contains thirty-five lessons, all of which have the same basic pattern and involve the same procedures.  Each lesson requires many hours of class work supplemented by outside study...

September 10, 1963, Paper, $30.00

Concepts of Criticism

Rene Wellek; Edited by Stephen G. Nicholas

Provocative and penetrating, these essays attest to Mr. Wellek’s intense concern during the past two decades with the problems besetting the disciplines of literary theory, criticism, and history. Each essay accordingly sets...

March 11, 1963, Paper, $42.00

Bartholomew Fair

Ben Jonson; Edited by Euegen M. Waith

Not as well known today as Volpne and The Alchemist, this comedy of London’s lower classes was a great favorite of Ben Jonson’s contemporaries. The richness of its comic invention and the complexity of its plot...

March 11, 1963, Paper, $26.00

The Hidden God

Studies in Hemingway, Faulkner, Yeats, Eliot, and Warren

Cleanth Brooks

The clarity of style for which Mr. Brooks has long been noted is displayed to advantage in this newest book of his criticism. Originally delivered as lectures at a faculty conference of people interested in theology, the...

March 11, 1963, Paper, $19.00