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“[A] provocative, informative treatise . . . [Hart’s] resounding challenge to orthodox Christian views on hell and his defense of God’s ultimate goodness will prove convincing and inspiring to the open-minded.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
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COMM0108 Intro to F. Cinema

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Each Semester
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Fall 2019

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“Su elegantly uncovers the beauty and power of mathematics as they relate to our desires to be loved, trusted, and accepted. A powerful narrative of mathematical beauty, this book is the antidote for a mathematically fixed mindset.”—Talithia Williams, author of Power in Numbers: The Rebel Women of Mathematics
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Trade Wars Are Class Wars

How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace

Matthew C. Klein and Michael Pettis

A provocative look at how today’s trade conflicts are caused by governments promoting the interests of elites at the expense of workers Trade disputes are usually understood as conflicts between countries...

May 19, 2020, Hardcover, $28.00

Flights of Passage

An Illustrated Natural History of Bird Migration

Mike Unwin and David Tipling

A visually stunning, photographically driven celebration of bird migration—one of the great marvels of the natural world The vast transcontinental journeys made every year by millions of feathered migrants...

May 19, 2020, Hardcover, $40.00

The Year of Peril

America in 1942

Tracy Campbell

A fascinating chronicle of how the character of American society revealed itself under the duress of World War II The Second World War exists in the American historical imagination as a time of unity and...

May 19, 2020, Hardcover, $30.00

Sons of the Waves

The Common Seaman in the Heroic Age of Sail

Stephen Taylor

A brilliant telling of the history of the common seaman in the age of sail, and his role in Britain’s trade, exploration, and warfare British maritime history in the age of sail is full of the deeds of...

May 19, 2020, Hardcover, $30.00

Monet and Chicago

Gloria Groom; With an essay by Adam Gopnik

A rich and unprecedented exploration of Chicago’s embrace of Claude Monet’s modernism In 1903, the Art Institute of Chicago became the first American museum to buy a painting by Claude Monet (1840–1926),...

May 19, 2020, HC - Paper over Board, $25.00

The Lions' Den

Zionism and the Left from Hannah Arendt to Noam Chomsky

Susie Linfield

A lively intellectual history that explores how prominent midcentury public intellectuals approached Zionism and then the State of Israel itself and its conflicts with the Arab world In this lively...

May 19, 2020, Paper, $20.00

Late Stalinism

The Aesthetics of Politics

Evgeny Dobrenko; Translated by Jesse M. Savage

How the last years of Stalin’s rule led to an imperial Soviet consciousness In this nuanced historical analysis of late Stalinism organized chronologically around the main events of the period—beginning...

May 19, 2020, HC - Paper over Board, $65.00