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Rural Rebellion, Political Violence, and Historical Memory in Chile

Thomas Miller Klubock

The first major history of Chile’s most significant peasant rebellion and the violent repression that followed In 1934, peasants turned to revolution to overturn Chile’s oligarchic political order and the profound...

January 4, 2022, HC - Paper over Board, $50.00

The End of Genetics

Designing Humanity's DNA

David B. Goldstein

An urgent plea for a broader understanding and awareness of the unconsidered dangers of new genetic technologies Since 2010 it has been possible to determine a person’s genetic makeup in a matter of days at an...

January 4, 2022, Hardcover, $27.50

The Wall and the Bridge

Fear and Opportunity in Disruption’s Wake

Glenn Hubbard

An informed argument for an economic policy based on bridges of preparation and adaptation rather than protective walls of protection and exclusion Free-market economists often have noted that there are winners and...

January 4, 2022, Hardcover, $28.00

Yale French Studies, Number 140

Maryse Conde, a Writer for Our Times

Edited by Madeleine Dobie and Kaiama L. Glover

A diverse, interdisciplinary collection of essays exploring what makes Maryse Condé a writer for our times In 2018, the New Academy selected Guadeloupean writer, scholar, and teacher of literature Maryse Condé as...

January 4, 2022, Paper, $65.00

Inspiring Walt Disney

The Animation of French Decorative Arts

Wolf Burchard

How Walt Disney and the Disney Studios wove the aesthetics of French decorative arts into the fairy-tale worlds of beloved animated films, from Cinderella to Beauty and the Beast and beyond   Pink...

December 7, 2021, Hardcover, $50.00

A Biographical Dictionary of English Architecture, 1540-1640

Mark Girouard

The first comprehensive dictionary of everyone of importance in the creation of English architecture during the Elizabethan and Jacobean ages This long-awaited work of scholarship provides a comprehensive dictionary...

November 30, 2021, Hardcover, $65.00

Picture Ecology

Art and Ecocriticism in Planetary Perspective

Edited by Karl Kusserow

A diverse set of contributions to the expanding field of ecocritical studies Seeking a broad reexamination of visual culture through the lenses of ecocriticism, environmental justice, and animal studies,...

November 30, 2021, Paper, $45.00

My Barbarian

Adrienne Edwards; With essays by Lia Gangitano and Joshua Chambers Letson and additional texts by My Barbarian (Malik Gaines, Jade Gordon, and Alexandro Segade)

An unprecedented look at the contemporary collective’s theatrical art, charting their performances and exploring their social and creative commitments The first monographic publication on the art collective My...

November 30, 2021, HC - Paper over Board, $50.00

Through Vincent's Eyes

Van Gogh and His Sources

Edited by Eik Kahng; With contributions by Todd Cronan, David Misteli, Rebecca Rainof, Rachel Skokowski, Sjraar van Heugten, and Marnin Young

A revelatory resituation of Van Gogh’s familiar works in the company of the surprising variety of nineteenth-century art and literature he most revered Vincent van Gogh’s (1853–1890) idiosyncratic style...

November 30, 2021, Hardcover, $60.00

Man Ray

The Paris Years

Michael R. Taylor

A close look at Man Ray’s interwar portraiture, as well as the friendships between the photographer and his subjects: the international avant garde in Paris Shortly after his arrival in Paris in July 1921, Man Ray ...

November 30, 2021, HC - Paper over Board, $40.00