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The Market System

What It Is, How It Works, and What To Make of It

Charles E. Lindblom

In this clear and accessible book, an eminent political scientist offers a jargon-free introduction to the market system for all readers, with or without a background in economics. "A balanced and novel treatment...

August 11, 2002, Paper, $16.95


Architecture Talks Back

Karen Kice

A bold, theoretical look at an emerging generation of architects, this volume is devoted to five contemporary practices—Bureau Spectacular, Erin Besler, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Formlessfinder, and John Szot...

June 23, 2015, Paper, $16.95


A Thousand Years of Faith and Power

Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair

In its first thousand years—from the revelations to Muhammad in the seventh century to the great Islamic empires of the sixteenth--Islamic civilization flourished. While Europeans suffered through the Dark Ages, Muslims in...

January 11, 2002, Paper, $16.95

A Jonathan Edwards Reader

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by John E. Smith, Harry S. Stout, and Kenneth P. Minkema

Prepared by editors of the distinguished series The Works of Jonathan Edwards, this authoritative anthology includes selected treatises, sermons, and autobiographical material by early America’s greatest theologian and...

March 11, 2003, Paper, $16.95

The Black Envelope

Norman Manea; Translated by Patrick Camiller

A splendid, violent spring suddenly grips Bucharest in the 1980s after a brutal winter. Tolea, an eccentric middle-aged intellectual who has been dismissed from his job as a high school teacher on "moral grounds," is...

April 24, 2012, PB-with Flaps, $16.50

On Political Equality

Robert A. Dahl

Robert A. Dahl, one of the world’s most influential and respected political scientists, has spent a lifetime exploring the institutions and practices of democracy in such landmark books as Who Governs?, On Democracy...

September 28, 2007, Paper, $16.50

The First Day of the Blitz

September 7, 1940

Peter Stansky

In the first terrifying hours of the London Blitz, when the skies rained bombs from hundreds of German planes, the British people were galvanized and the nation’s future was changed  On September 7, 1940...

November 18, 2008, Paper, $16.50

The Fifth Impossibility

Essays on Exile and Language

Norman Manea

Deported to a concentration camp from 1941 until the end of the war, Norman Manea again left his native Romania in 1986 to escape the Ceausescu regime. He now lives in New York. In this selection of essays, he explores the...

May 29, 2012, PB-with Flaps, $16.50


or Optimism

Voltaire; Translated by Burton Raffel

The translation of choice for twenty-first-century readers of Voltaire's satiric masterpiece. In this new translation of Voltaire’s Candide, distinguished translator Burton Raffel captures the...

December 15, 2006, Paper, $16.50

The Elements of Teaching

James M. Banner and Harold C. Cannon

“Teaching as an art is given much-needed attention in this guided tour through its intricacies by two experienced and empathetic cicerones.”—Publisher's Weekly  “There are not many books like this...

March 11, 1999, Paper, $16.50