Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Art

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  • A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment

    John Henry Rice and Jeffrey Durham; With contributions by Eric Huntington, Elena Pakhoutova, Katherine Anne Paul, Tsherin Sherpa with Paul Ferguson, and Alexander von Rospatt

    $45.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300244656
  • Highlights from the Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Edited by Hiromi Kinoshita; With an essay by Hiromi Kinoshita and contributions by Huang Xiaofeng, Hiromi Kinoshita, Diandian Li, and John Vollmer

    $45.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300237108
  • Jenny F. So

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    ISBN: 9780300237023
  • Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art

    Sinéad Vilbar and Kevin Gray Carr; With contributions by Talia J. Andrei, Miriam Chusid, Iwai Tomoji, Iwata Shigeki, Morishima Kazuki, Enishi Naomi, Shimizu Ken, Taniguchi Kosei, and Yamaguchi Ryusuke

    $75.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300237016
  • Maryam D. Ekhtiar

    $25.00 |
    ISBN: 9781588396303
  • Past, Present, Future

    Edited by Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair

    $65.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300243475
  • Masterpieces from Central Africa

    Edited by Marc Leo Felix; With contributions by Viviane Baeke, David A. Binkley, Arthur P. Bourgeois, H. Kellim Brown, Rik Ceyssens, Marc Leo Felix, Pol Pierre Gossiaux, Manuel Jordán, Constantine (Costa) Petridis, Zoë S. Strother, and Julien Volper

    $45.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300238754