Fashion and Fashion History

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  • Notes on Fashion

    Andrew Bolton; With Fabio Cleto, Karen Van Godtsenhoven, and Amanda Garfinkel, and photography by Johnny Dufort

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    ISBN: 9781588396686
  • A Hidden History of Women’s Lives, 1660–1900

    Barbara Burman and Ariane Fennetaux

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    ISBN: 9780300239072
  • The Complete Fashion Collections

    Introduction by Jo Ellison; Collection texts and designer biographies by Louise Rytter

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    ISBN: 9780300233360
  • The Complete Haute Couture Collections, 1962–2002

    Introduction and short biography by Suzy Menkes; Essay by Olivier Flaviano; Respective show texts by Olivier Flaviano, Aurélie Samuel, and Jéromine Savignon; Collection texts by Aurélie Samuel, Lola Fournier, Alice Coulon-Saillard, Domitille Éblé, Laurence Neveu, and Leslie Veyrat

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    ISBN: 9780300243659