Historiography/World History

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  • A Practical Anthology

    Edited and with an Introduction by Aaron Sachs and John Demos

    $37.50 |
    ISBN: 9780300239904
  • Giambattista Vico; Translated and Edited by Jason Taylor and Robert Miner; Introduction by Giuseppe Mazzotta

    $25.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300191134
  • Statecraft and World Order

    Hal Brands and Charles Edel

    $16.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300251760
  • A History of Intelligence

    Christopher Andrew

    $26.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300248296
  • Why a Balance Between Cooperation & Competition Is Vital to Humanity

    Mark Bertness

    $28.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300245912
  • Union and Disunion

    J. H. Elliott

    $18.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300253382
  • Maritime Culture, Continental Empires and the Conflict That Made the Modern World

    Andrew Lambert

    $18.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300251487
  • Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830

    J. H. Elliott

    $22.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300253399