Urban Ecology

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  • Toward a Model for Understanding and Action

    William R. Burch, Jr., Gary E. Machlis, and Jo Ellen Force

    $45.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300137033
  • A History of Street Trees in New York City and Berlin

    Sonja Dümpelmann

    $50.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300225785
  • Space, Scale, and Time for the Study of Cities

    J. Morgan Grove, Mary L. Cadenasso, Steward T. A. Pickett, Gary E. Machlis, and William R. Burch, Jr.; Foreword by Laura A. Ogden

    $30.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300226973
  • New Visions of an Urban Planet

    Karen C. Seto and Meredith Reba; Foreword by Kathryn D. Sullivan

    $35.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300221695
  • Improvisation-Based Design for Hybrid Cities

    Kristian Kloeckl

    $35.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300243048
  • Integrating Design Practices and Ecological Knowledge for Cities as Complex Systems

    Victoria J. Marshall, Mary L. Cadenasso, Brian P. McGrath, and Steward T. A. Pickett

    $45.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300239935
  • Empirical Insights from the Baltimore School of Urban Ecology

    Edited by Steward T. A. Pickett, Mary L. Cadenasso, J. Morgan Grove, Elena G. Irwin, Emma J. Rosi, and Christopher M. Swan

    $30.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300246285