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The anonymous donor for the Arthur Okun Memorial Lecture Series described his admiration for Arthur Okun and the intention of this lecture series in these terms: Arthur Okun combined his special gifts as an analytical and theoretical economist with his great concern for the well-being of his fellow citizens into a thoughtful, pragmatic, and sustaining contribution to his nation’s public policy. Extraordinarily modest personally, he was a delightful and trenchant activist on behalf of others—both as members of our whole society and as individuals. He touched many, many people in ways they will always cherish. Offered in affectionate appreciation of Art’s gifts, this lecture series seeks to recognize and encourage professional economists to search for policies that will contribute to the betterment of life and living.

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  • Central Banking Goes Modern

    Alan S. Blinder; Foreword by Robert J. Shiller

    03/11/2004, Cloth
    $65.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300100877