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On the Viewing Platform: The Panorama and its Afterlives

May 19, 2021

“Panoramas”, gigantic paintings in the round, were first created and exhibited in Britain in 1792. Rapidly taken up across Europe, then around the world, they remained a central nineteenth-century art form–and an equally crucial (if sometimes spectral) force in twentieth-century visual culture. Indeed, the recent book On the Viewing Platform: The Panorama between Canvas and Screen, which I co-edited with Tim Barringer, argues that they create the ground for installation art, alongside other ubiquitous forms of contemporary art.

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Pride 2021 Reading List

June 1, 2021

Celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with our Pride 2021 reading list, featuring a collection of titles about gay icons and artists, legal debates and triumphs, cultural and literary criticism, works by LGBTQ+ authors, and more.

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