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The ‘Oskar Schindler’ of Vienna

February 19, 2021

11 March 1943. In a cell at Latimer House in Buckinghamshire, two German soldiers, a lower rank infantry officer captured in Tunisia the previous year, and a paratrooper captured in Algeria a few months before, are discussing the interrogations they have undergone. The previous day, British agents had hauled the paratrooper into an interrogation room and shown him a sketch of some rocket launch ramps. He had given nothing away and was now boasting about it. As he told his cellmate, the British had got the dimensions of the projectile and its track entirely wrong, and, thankfully, knew absolutely nothing of Germany’s launch ramp designs. What’s more, the interrogating officers had tried in vain to soften him up to make him talk. They were unbelievably stupid.

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Changeability for Survival: Sanford Biggers’s Codeswitch

February 18, 2021

An interview with the artist by David Ebony.

Sanford Biggers is a multifaceted, multi-talented artist with a singular, global vision. A major touring museum solo of works by the Los Angeles-born (1970), New York-based artist, Codeswitch features some sixty large-scale “quilt paintings,” as well as a number of relief constructions, and videos.

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