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Leading Around Dignity Landmines

August 4, 2021

If there were ever a time when leaders needed to understand the role dignity plays in the workplace, that time is now. The pandemic forced us to work from home, disrupting our traditional notion of what work looks like: where to work, how to work, and when to work. The flexibility was a necessity, especially for employees who are parents also tending to their children’s needs. Now that employers are deciding to return to in-person, in-office work, the dignity issues surrounding this decision are coming to the fore. What are those dignity issues and how can leaders navigate around their potential for destructive consequences?

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The Amazing, Hidden Early Life of Coral Reef Creatures

July 16, 2021

Coral reefs are strewn across the tropical ocean like so many pearls from a broken necklace. Some are barely a few hundred meters from other reefs, but many are many kilometers from any other shallow water habitat. Yet nearly all the species that live on coral reefs spend the earliest part of their lives in a pelagic state: drifting in the plankton out on the open ocean.

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