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Spring 2024 Catalogue

Our latest publications for general interest, art, and academic audiences.

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A series of in-depth conversations for the intellectually curious, featuring authors and experts on a range of topics including politics, history, science, art, and more.

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The A&A ePortal

Discover important art and architectural history scholarship from some of the world’s finest publishers and museums. Search, read, cite, note, and more.

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Was Oxygen Once the Limiting Nutrient for Complex Life?

Graham Shields— Whether it is phosphorus for fertiliser, iron for steel or carbon for fuel, humans devour the chemical elements we need to sustain our way of life. Since the…

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Did Leonard Bernstein’s Wife Know He Was Gay?

“Every one I love, I love passionately.” – Leonard Bernstein Nigel Simeone— Music was Bernstein’s greatest and most constant passion. But his love life was an essential part of his…

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Little Histories

We are more resilient during challenging times if we keep learning and expanding our minds; not just through childhood, but in all stages of life. Following in the footsteps of E. H. Gombrich’s worldwide bestseller A Little History of the World, the books in our Little Histories series explore the history of the world’s most remarkable people, events and ideas. With engaging personal insights, our authors will take you on a whistle-stop journey from ancient times to the present exploring all of life’s big subjects from archaeology to science.

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