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Fall 2022 Catalogue

Our latest publications for general interest, art, and academic audiences.

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A series of in-depth conversations for the intellectually curious, featuring authors and experts on a range of topics including politics, history, science, art, and more.

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The A&A ePortal

Discover important art and architectural history scholarship from some of the world’s finest publishers and museums. Search, read, cite, note, and more.

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Ep. 89 – A Conversation about Anne Truitt’s Yield: The Journal of an Artist

Listen as we talk with Anne Truitt’s daughter, Alexandra Truitt, about preparing the fourth and final volume of her late mother’s journals for publication. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher |…

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Roses, Routine, and Typhoon Weather: Excerpt from Yield

In this excerpt from Yield: The Journal of an Artist, the late Anne Truitt‘s final volume of published journals spanning Winter 2001 to Spring 2002, the sculptor muses about love,…

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Announcing: Ancient Lives

Ancient Lives unfolds the stories of thinkers, writers, kings, queens, conquerors, and politicians from all parts of the ancient world. Readers will come to know these figures in fully human dimensions, complete with foibles and flaws, and will see that the issues they faced—political conflicts, constraints based in gender or race, tensions between the private and public self—have changed very little over the course of millennia.

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