The Margellos World Republic of Letters

The Margellos World Republic of Letters

The Cecile and Theodore Margellos World Republic of Letters series identifies works of cultural and artistic significance previously overlooked by translators and publishers, as well as important contemporary authors whose work has not yet been translated into English.

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Sky Above Kharkiv: A Conversation with Reilly Costigan-Humes and Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler

May 16, 2023

In Sky Above Kharkiv: Dispatches from the Ukrainian Front, Ukraine’s beloved literary and activist voice Serhiy Zhadan provides an intimate account of resistance and survival in the earliest months of… READ MORE

533 Days: A Conversation with Laura Watkinson

April 21, 2023

In 533 Days, noted Dutch poet and novelist Cees Nooteboom reflects on the life of the mind through a reexamination of books, music, art, travel, and gardening. In this Q&A,… READ MORE

The Last Days of Mankind

February 14, 2023

Karl Kraus— EPILOGUE The Final Night Battlefield. Craters. Smoke clouds. Starless night. The horizon is a wall of flames. Corpses. Dying soldiers. Men and women in gas masks appear. A… READ MORE

Featured Authors

Patrick Modiano

Patrick Modiano

Invisible Ink
Sinan Antoon
Can Xue
Claudio Magris

Claudio Magris

Serhiy Zhadan

Serhiy Zhadan

Antonio Lobo Antunes

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