New Releases

How States Think

The Rationality of Foreign Policy

John J. Mearsheimer, Sebastian Rosato


Unfamiliar People—Swelling of Monsterized Human Ego

Laura W. Allen, Hiroko Ikegami, Masako Shiba, Takashi Murakami

Why Empires Fall

Rome, America, and the Future of the West

Peter Heather, John Rapley

They Flew

A History of the Impossible

Carlos M. N. Eire


Stephan Wolohojian, Ashley Dunn, Stéphane Guégan, Denise Murrell, Haley S. Pierce, Isolde Pludermacher, Samuel Rodary

The Student

A Short History

Michael S. Roth

Folk Music

A Bob Dylan Biography in Seven Songs

Greil Marcus

Mood of the Moment

Gaby Aghion and Chloe

Choghakate Kazarian, Alexis Romano, Camille Kovalevsky, Kristina Parsons, Paulo Melim Andersson, Gabriela Hearst, Karl Lagerfeld, Hannah MacGibbon, Stella McCartney, Peter O'Brien, Natacha Ramsay Levi, Martine Sitbon, Clare Waight Keller

Betty Friedan

Magnificent Disrupter

Rachel Shteir

Amos Oz

Writer, Activist, Icon

Robert Alter


Rome’s Last Pagan Emperor

Philip Freeman

Ruth Asawa Through Line

Kim Conaty, Edouard Kopp, Aleesa Pitchamarn Alexander, Jordan Troeller, Scout Hutchinson, Kirsten Marples, Isabel Bird

Jane Austen's Wardrobe

Hilary Davidson

Shakespeare in Bloomsbury

Marjorie Garber


An American History

John Mack Faragher


What It Means to Push and Pull, Slip and Grip, Start and Stop

Henry Petroski

Art for the Millions

American Culture and Politics in the 1930s

Allison Rudnick, Kirsten Pai Buick, Max Fraser, Rachel Mustalish


The Curious History of Dickens's London

Lee Jackson

Risky Business

Why Insurance Markets Fail and What to Do About It

Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein, Ray Fisman

Selected Poems

Thomas Hardy, David Bromwich

After the Nazis

The Story of Culture in West Germany

Michael H. Kater


A History in 12 Parts

John Potter

The Wingsnappers

Lessons from an Exuberant Tropical Bird

Barney A. Schlinger


A Cubist Commission in Brooklyn

Anna Jozefacka, Lauren Rosati


The Story of a City and its People

Feargal Cochrane

Christianity as a Way of Life

A Systematic Theology

Kevin W Hector

The Ecology of Nations

American Democracy in a Fragile World Order

John M. Owen


A History of Race and Disease

Arleen Marcia Tuchman

Art of Japan

Highlights from the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Felice Fischer, Kyoko Kinoshita


The Knights Who Made Britain

Steve Tibble

Barefoot Doctor

A Novel

Can Xue, Karen Gernant, Zeping Chen

Backbone of the Nation

Mining Communities and the Great Strike of 1984-85

Robert Gildea

Latin America's Democratic Crusade

The Transnational Struggle against Dictatorship, 1920s-1960s

Allen Wells

An Empire of Laws

Legal Pluralism in British Colonial Policy

Christian R Burset

Queens of the Wild

Pagan Goddesses in Christian Europe: An Investigation

Ronald Hutton


The British Struggle Against Napoleonic Europe and America

Roger Knight

Abraham Angel

Between Wonder and Seduction

Mark A. Castro, Mireida Velázquez

The Frederick Douglass Papers

Series Three: Correspondence, Volume 3: 1866-1880

Frederick Douglass, John R. Kaufman-McKivigan

Jar of Fat

Seayoung Yim, Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig, Jacqueline Goldfinger, Virginia Grise, Rachel Lynett, Neil Wechsler, Leah Nanako Winkler

Philadelphia Museum of Art


Philadelphia Museum of Art

Humane Ecology

Eight Positions

Robert Wiesenberger, Risa Puleo, Alena J Williams

Kaye Donachie

Song for the Last Act

Simon Martin, Kaye Donachie

Seeing and Not Believing

The Photography of Allan Chasanoff

Monika Sziladi, Richard Ovenden