New Releases

Interacting with Color

A Practical Guide to Josef Albers’s Color Experiments

Fritz Horstman, Nicholas Fox Weber


The 16th-Century Contest that Shaped the Modern World

Roger Crowley

Georgia O'Keeffe

"My New Yorks"

Sarah Kelly Oehler, Annelise K. Madsen, Adrienne Brown, Sascha T. Scott, Lisa Volpe


A Literary Life

Trudier Harris

Paris 1874

The Impressionist Moment

Sylvie Patry, Anne Robbins

Van Gogh and the End of Nature

Michael Lobel

Sleeping Beauties

Reawakening Fashion

Andrew Bolton, Margherita Barone, Linda Borsch, William DeGregorio, Nick Knight, Stephanie Kramer, Rachel Lackner, Junpeng Lai, Christopher Mazza, Ronald Miles, Glenn Petersen, Elizabeth Schaeffer, Sissel Tolaas, Nick Knight, Anna-Marie Kellen

Battleground Ukraine

From Independence to the War with Russia

Adrian Karatnycky


Kandinsky, Munter and the Blue Rider

Natalia Sidlina

How to Lose a War

The Story of America’s Intervention in Afghanistan

Amin Saikal


The History of a National Obsession

Mary Ziegler

The National Security Constitution in the Twenty-First Century

Harold Hongju Koh

Conjurers, Cranks, Provincials, and Antediluvians

The Off-Modern in American History

Jackson Lears, Charlie Riggs

Charles J. Connick

America’s Visionary Stained Glass Artist

Peter Cormack


Tricks and Tools of the Dangerous Trade from Elizabeth I to the Restoration

Nadine Akkerman, Pete Langman

John Soane's Cabinet of Curiosities

Reflections on an Architect and His Collection

Bruce Boucher

Julia Margaret Cameron

The Colonial Shadows of Victorian Photography

Jeff Rosen

Pierre Chareau

Modern Architecture and Design

Esther da Costa Meyer

The Caliphate or Supreme Imamate

Muhammad Rashid Rida, Simon A Wood

Nature, Culture, and Race in Colonial Cuba

Lee Sessions

The Shape of Things: Still Life in Modern British Art

Simon Martin, Lydia Miller, Miriam O’Connor Perks, Melanie Vandenbrouck, Michael Bird, Emma Sharples, Chloe Nahum

The Fall

Last Days of the English Republic

Henry Reece

Yale French Studies, Number 143

The French Seventies

Richard J. Golsan, Lynn A. Higgins

Cottages ornés

The Charms of the Simple Life

Roger White

Abetare, Petrit Halilaj

The Roof Garden Commission

David Breslin, Iria Candela

Thomas Lerooy

A Field Guide

Tatjana Bacal, Suzanne Hudson

Julian Stair

Memory, Material, Ceramics

Ashley Thorpe, Jago Cooper, Alun Graves


Jane Geddes, Ian Gow, Aonghus Mackechnie, Chris Tabraham, Colin McWilliam