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New Releases

Brilliant Exiles

American Women in Paris, 1900–1939

Robyn Asleson, Zakiya R. Adair, Denean Sharpley-Whiting, Samuel N. Dorf, Tirza True Latimer

The Memory of ’76

The Revolution in American History

Michael D. Hattem

Guillaume Lethiere

Esther Bell, Olivier Meslay, Alain Chevalier, Natasha Coleman, Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby, Frederic Lacaille, Anne Lafont, Christelle Lozere, Sophie Kerwin, Mehdi Korchane, C.C. McKee, Marie-Isabelle Pinet, Frederic Regent, Marie-Pierre Sale, Aaron Wile, Richard Wrigley

Billy Waters is Dancing

Or, How a Black Sailor Found Fame in Regency Britain

Mary L. Shannon

David Hammons

Day's End

Adam D. Weinberg, Kellie Jones, Guy Nordenson, Ben Okri

Westminster Abbey

A Church in History

David Cannadine

The Radical Print

Esther Chadwick


A History of Britain's Best Loved Institution

Andrew Seaton