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Globalizing Impressionism

Developed and maintained by Yale University Press, the A&AePortal ( is a unique digital platform offering a curated selection of important art and architectural history titles, along with books in related disciplines (i.e., visual and material culture, classics, religion, and African studies). Its library comprises out-of-print, backlist, new, and born-digital books from various publishing partners, with some 50 books being added each year. 

With students expecting content to be available digitally, the A&AePortal is an essential resource: 80% of its content is not available elsewhere in a digital format. It also offers a wealth of possibilities as a teaching and research tool, allowing chapters to be assigned for course use or students to search by image to find related content for assignments. The A&AePortal editorial team has replaced many black-and-white images in older books with high-quality color files and added extensive metadata to all titles to create robust search functionality. Related content can easily be found at the chapter level, and references and footnotes are linked to other books on the site, all of which enable students to engage in active critical thinking when using the resource.

Library and individual subscriptions are available (currently in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand), with plans to expand into new territories in early 2024. For subscription information, please contact Sara Sapire (

If you are an author or publisher interested in learning more about the A&AePortal, please contact Patricia Fidler (

Interaction of Color, Complete Digital Edition

Josef Albers’s masterwork achieves its full, interactive potential. The Interaction of Color, Complete Digital Edition website is packed with elegant and innovative features that help you understand the book’s ideas, view the plates, experiment, and create and share your own designs. This interactive edition of one of the most influential books on color ever written offers users an entirely new way to experience Josef Albers’s original masterwork.

For institutional access inquiries or further questions, please contact

Yale Book of Quotations app

Finding the right words has never been easier. The Yale Book of Quotations app brings together a collection of over 13,000 quotations and proverbs from Yale University Press’s award-winning title The Yale Book of Quotations, and the companion edition, The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs.

Pevsner’s Architectural Glossary app

The perfect way to check architectural terms when you are out and about, exploring buildings. The stunning Pevsner’s Architectural Glossary app, based on the successful 2010 publication in hardback of Pevsner’s Architectural Glossary, offers users a dynamic and innovative way to engage with architecture and the Pevsner lexicon. It will serve as a handy reference app that will enliven any architectural exploration.

Stalin Digital Archive

The Stalin Digital Archive is a result of collaboration between the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History and Yale University Press to create an electronic database of finding aids, to digitize documents and images, and to publish in different forms and media materials from the recently declassified Stalin archive.

Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization

The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization will be made available to the public through an online, searchable database beginning in spring 2013. All material for which Yale has electronic permission will be available, including many original versions of translated materials.

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