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For Professors

Exam and Desk Copy Policy

Digital Exam and Desk Copies

Many Yale University Press titles designed for classroom use are available digitally on VitalSource free of charge. If you’re on the move or need to make a fast decision, this is a quick and easy way to receive your exam copy.

To request an eExam copy:

Eligible titles feature a “Request eBook Exam Copy” link on the book’s page, nested in the orange “Course Book” submenu below the book title and author.

If this is your first request, you will be prompted to set up a VitalSource account. Once your request has been submitted and approved, you will receive a link for accessing the text online. (Note: email notifications sometimes land in spam mailboxes—please be sure to check yours.)

Print Exam and Desk Copies

Only approved Instructors or Office Admin / Admin Assistants requesting on their behalf can request exam/desk copies. If you do not have an account, register here.

Books priced at $45 or under are available for examination at the Press’s discretion and are limited to no more than 3 books per year per instructor. There is no need to return the book to us after examining.

If you have already adopted one of our titles for course use, we are happy to provide you a desk copy. One complimentary copy will be provided for every twenty books ordered.

Note: Print exam and desk copies are subject to a flat-rate shipping fee and applicable taxes. These must be paid to receive your titles.

To request a print exam/desk copy:

Eligible titles feature a “Request Print Exam Copy” link on the book’s page, nested in the orange “Course Book” submenu below the book title and author.

Complete the request form to submit your request. Once your request is approved you will receive an email with a link to complete the checkout process and place your order.

Note: If you are interested in a title that does not have a request button on its book page, please email marketing@yale.edu with the following information:

Book Title:

Course Title and Number:
Semester to be Taught:
Course Frequency:
Expected Enrollment:

Instructor Name (if other than yourself):
URL to faculty page:

Shipping Address:

This information is required to assess your request.

Accessible Texts

If you are an educational institution requiring a digital copy of one of our books for a student with a print disability, please consult Bookshare.org, where our current titles are archived for this purpose. If the title you seek is not available there, you may then contact us directly.

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