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Show Notes for the June 2007 Episode of the Yale Press Podcast

Posted by Chris Gondek, Producer/Host of the Yale Press Podcast.

It must be summer. I’ve spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to start these show notes, but I find my attention being drawn out my window and towards the early evening midsummer sunlight, lamenting the fact that my Giants just got swept by Boston and are sitting in the cellar in the National League West. If you are now waiting breathlessly seeing how I can link the under-performing San Francisco nine to Soviet machinations during the Six-Day War, Professor Etzioni’s third way of organizing foreign policy, or the history of allergies and the American landscape, you have a greater faith in my writing prowess than I do. The best I’ve got is that the Giants’ bats have seemed to be allergic to Rawlings baseballs during this month.

This was the first show that was not engineered by that master of sound, Steven Kray. Steven is fine, but the studio isn’t; it is currently being gutted and rebuilt, so I handled the engineering for this show at my home studio. Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez were at their home in Israel, and before the interview, I asked Gideon how good Israeli phones were, since some of the interviews I have done with guests who were outside of North America have been of spotty sound quality. Gideon assured me that the phones were great and he wasn’t kidding. They might have the best phone system I’ve ever heard.

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