Show Notes for Episode 8 (July 2007) of the Yale Press Podcast

Posted by Chris Gondek, Producer/Host of the Yale Press Podcast.

One of the reasons I have been asked to write up these show notes is to give listeners a behind the scenes view of what goes on in the production of an episode. Recently, it has been a bit dull behind the scenes. I’ve started to engineer the show at another studio, though I still speak to Steven on a regular basis. Still, the production side of the show has been running fairly smoothly.

The books for this show are an odd mix: Churchill’s views on Zionism and urban nuisances in England are certainly interesting, but Tennent Bagley’s first hand account of the Nosenko defection is not only a great book on the history of espionage, but it’s a real page turner that ends in an unsolved mystery. Were there multiple KGB moles in the CIA in the 60’s? Has there been a whitewash and a cover up about Agency work?
Read the book and come to your own conclusions.

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