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Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States: Trita ParsiIn light of continued media coverage about the U.S.’s relationship with Iran, Trita Parsi’s attention-grabbing Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States was reviewed by both Salon and Bloomberg News. Gary Kamiya of Salon calls it “an important new book,” addressing a “fundamental misunderstanding of the country” of Iran. Celestine Bohlen of Bloomberg News admires the book for “tackling the complex question of Israel’s role in what has become a triangular relationship” between Iran, the U.S., and Israel.

Read an excerpt, view the table of contents, or listen to an interview with the author on the Yale Press Podcast.

In the Company of Crows and Ravens: John M. Marzlufff and Tony AngellSlate and Seattle Times have recently praised In the Company of Crows and Ravens by John M. Marzluff and Tony Angell, released earlier this year in paperback.

This intriguing book examines the often surprising ways that crows and ravens and humans interact. Featuring more than 100 striking illustrations, the book recounts lively stories about crows and ravens throughout history and around the world, and the authors challenge us to reconsider our thinking not only about these compelling birds but also about ourselves.

Slate contributor Tyler Cowen named it as one of “the best books of 2007,” calling it “the unheralded science book of the year.” He additionally wrote about this “fascinating book” on his blog, Marginal Revolution.

For their holiday gift list, Seattle Times suggests the “terrific” In the Company of Crows and Ravens, citing the numerous honors given to the book, including “rave reviews for this blend of science, art and anthropology” and “a first prize in book illustration and an overall prize for best work in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s illustration contest.”

Read an excerpt of the book, or view the table of contents.

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