Dream Lina Bo Bardi Bowl Chair Contest Winners

Bobardi_jacketBack in November, we gave our readers the chance to win a copy of our handsome new publication Lina Bo Bardi by Zeuler Lima by describing their dream Bardi bowl chair and telling us where the chair would be placed, and what they’d be reading while nestled comfortably in its concavity.  We got many delightful descriptions, but found the following three to be the most evocative.  Congratulations, and enjoy the book!


My Bowl Chair would be custom-made, covered in cozy flowered fabric cut from a favorite old comforter.  I would arrange the chair and a little table near my bedroom window and sitting in it, with my legs tucked beneath me and a warm cup of tea at hand, I would spend a leisurely afternoon paging through family photograph albums.

Submitted by Karen S.


My Bowl Chair would be a woven web of waterproof strips.  Carrying it to the beach, I would squiggle each of its four legs down into the sand near the ocean’s edge so that sinking down into the chair, stretching out my legs and digging my heels into the sand the waves rolling in would wash over my toes.  Sitting there my mind would clear of thoughts.  I would read Moby Dick.

Submitted by Ira S.


Sitting in my Lina Bo Bardi chair, in a cottage at Sea Ranch, staring out over the ever-changing oyster greys of the overcast and ocean, I’m listening to Caetano Veloso’s Tropicália album, enjoying the chair’s smooth black leather upholstery, over which is thrown a nice soft angora, mottled black and white (it’s a cold day, after all), and I’m reading in the recent book from Portikus in Frankfurt on Rogério Duarte—the Brazilian graphic designer who did the cover for the album and collaborated with Hélio Oiticica, whose book from the MFA Houston is next in the stack, right on top of the new Bardi book, whose shrinkwrap I can’t wait to rip open.

Grey day, black chair, Tamba ware teapot, colorful pages—how do you top that? Without being in Bardi’s own house, of course.

Submitted by Joseph N.


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