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Impossible Outfit: Mardi Gras Edition

Dear Paper Doll,

I’ve fled the frozen north to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year! However, my wardrobe is seriously lacking the degree of flair suitable for all these parties and parades, especially because I’ll be standing alongside so many adventurously clad revelers.  My all-black ensembles simply won’t cut it, no matter how many sparkly strands of beads I add. I’d really love to step out of my shell and embrace the traditional Mardi Gras colors of gold, purple, and green. Today’s the big day, and I don’t have much time… can you recommend some fabulous pieces that have plenty of flash and color (and maybe a sequin or two)?


All that Glitters


Dear Glitters,

You’re right that you’ll want to raise the wardrobe bar a little to fit in with the Mardi Gras crowd. But have no fear, bearer of black clothing—there are ways to bring color and shine to your wardrobe without dressing head-to-toe in iridescent feathers. Check out this slideshow for some party-ready pieces from Yale ARTbooks!

Good luck, and I hope my tips help you party the night away in style! (You could always return the favor by bringing me back a piece of king cake—pretty please?)

With love and sparkles,

Paper Doll Sig








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