Josef Albers Contest: Fill in the blanks

It’s Albers week here at Yale University Press and today we have a contest for you.

There exists amazing archival footage of Josef Albers in the classroom, and Albers describing his teaching methodologies; some of this is included among the video content in the Interaction of Color app.  The following is an Albers quote, from which two words have been removed.  Correctly fill in the two words, and you’ll win either a free download of the Interaction of Color app for iPad or a copy of the recently-published 50th anniversary edition of the Interaction of Color paperback book.

“Even if I would know the answer to your question, I would not give it to you because then I deprive you of finding out it yourself.  I have to expose you to ________ and ________.”

Submit your answer to by March 31st; the first correct answer we receive wins.


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