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Albers iPad Mockup smallAs Albers weeks draws to a close, and we reflect on the legacy of this great educator (Josef Albers died 38 years ago today, on March 25th, 1976), we realized it was an opportune moment to consider the lasting effects of Albers’s teaching methodologies on the way color theory is taught, and specifically on how this practice is incorporating 21st-century technologies.  We’d like to share our accumulated knowledge about, and some feedback from contemporary educators on, how to use the Interaction of Color app for iPad in the classroom.

There are numerous ways that an instructor can use the app in the classroom or for homework.

  • Work completed in the app can be used for critiques, either on iPads in the classroom or by sharing their work as files attached to emails to the instructor or the entire class.
  • Nearly the entire complement of original Albers plates can be shared and discussed in the classroom.
  • The video components of the app, including clips of Albers in the classroom; contemporary commentary videos that explain or reinforce specific concepts; and the “Color in Practice” videos of practitioners (architects, textile artists, painters, designers, and more) discussing the use and importance of color in their work.
  • Using a dongle to connect an iPad to AV equipment, any aspect of the app can be shared on a large screen with a class of any size.

Some educators have been generous enough to share with us their thoughts after using the Interaction of Color app in their color theory instruction:

“Our students watch the Commentary videos and use the glossary terms to get a deeper understanding of the exercises and the text.  The app gives students a place to play without having to commit on paper. Students were frequently using the app as a test ground before moving to paper.  As an instructional designer at an art and design college, I highly recommend this app.”

– Jean-Marie Venturini, Instructional Designer, Otis College of Art and Design


“This just adds another dimension to what I can offer the students in my color theory classes.”

– Marcia R. Cohen, Professor SCAD Atlanta


“The app, commentary, and text are great.  As a visual arts instructor at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, (an arts preparatory high school) each year I work with 9th grade students in color theory; this app has been a wonderful intelligent/intuitive way to expose my students to color. ”   

-Brenda Moore


“The Interaction of Color app has been a great supplement to my color theory course this past semester.  The color palette and create tools allow students to experiment with color without wasting expensive materials. I am hoping to incorporate it into a classroom iPad  program next year.”

James Oliver, Associate Professor, Department of Art, Pittsburg State University


And lastly, here is an illuminating and insightful video clip of Anoka Faruqee, Associate Professor at the Yale School of Art.  This video is one of the “Color in Practice” videos available in the app.

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