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The Funk & Wag: Live!

If you are in Houston, here’s where you should be at 7:00 this evening. If you are not in Houston but you know someone who is, you would be kind to let them know that artist Mel Chin and writer Nick Flynn are appearing at the Menil Collection to launch Mel Chin’s new artist’s book, The Funk & Wag from A to Z. Click the poster for more details about the event.Event Poster

What, you ask, can you expect to see and hear there?

We asked Mel to offer a sneak preview, which we offer here.

Mel Chin–

They will skim over The Meaningless Arc of Flight (Vol. 1, no. 2) and Two Methods of Combating Sexually Transmitted Disease (Vol. 2, no. 8).

You can expect them to comment on Fueling the Trajectory of Hallucinatory Violence (Vol. 3, no. 5) because of their discovery that The Words of the Prophet of Production Guided the Hustler of Human Destiny (Vol. 3, no. 3).

You will be introduced to Skin Not Kin (Vol. 3, no. 15) and Typical Absinthe Induced Hallucinations (Vol. 7, no. 13); but be assured that No Animals Were Harmed In This Production (Vol. 10, no. 16).

They may acknowledge Beauty Without Reflection—Beast Without Shame (Vol. 11, no. 12) and The Long Sharp Arms of Ulysses (Vol. 13, no. 4) as They Were Sagely Advised to Give it All Up and Make Peace with the Grand Master-Warrior of the Illuminated Word (Vol. 13, no. 11).

cover image

They will analyze the Triumph of Minimalism (Vol. 20, no. 1)  but only within the context of The Dark Forest and Fields of His Mind (Vol. 20, no. 11).

Be prepared to embrace That Obscure Organism of Desire (Vol. 22, no. 11) along with a Favorite Fantasy, Fatal Reality (Vol. 24, no. 7) while Waiting for the Other Point of View (Vol. 24, no. 13).

Ultimately, given their previous work, they will advise you to be More Afraid of Clowns in Disguise (Vol. 25, no. 15) than The Authority of Words (Vol. 25, no. 17).

Mel Chin is an artist who has been practicing for more than thirty years and making work that is wide-ranging, cross-cultural, and multidisciplinary, touching on politics, identity, ecology, surrealism, poetry, and science.

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