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New Weekend Plan: Visit the Reopened Clark Art Institute!

One of our museum publishing partners, the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts, has just reopened its campus.  No mean feat, the expansion has been in the works for 13 years, and the results, conceived by architects Tadao Ando and Annabelle Seldorf, are spectacular.  Roberta Smith has offered a very positive review of the new Clark, along with a great slideshow, in The New York Times.  In her words, the museum is:

“… a welcoming, comfortable place, where looking at art is the first order of business, environmental responsibility has become a lived commitment, and education is an increasingly multileveled project. The directors and trustees of every art museum in the country should schedule a visit to the Clark sooner rather than later.”

Shadow and Light, a book celebrating the reopening, is new this summer.  The Clark has a fantastic set of titles slated for upcoming publication, including Raw Color: The Circles of David Smith and Cast for Eternity: Ancient Ritual Bronzes from the Shanghai Museum.  Here’s a slideshow of some of their recent books:

We may have to take the afternoon off and head northward, where the Clark awaits just two and a half hours away…

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