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The Persian Album: The Next Chapter

9780300103250In 2005, Yale University Press published David J. Roxburgh’s The Persian Album, 1400-1600: From Dispersal to Collection. Choice named it an outstanding academic book of the year, it received Honorable Mention for the Saidi Sirjani Book Award sponsored by the International Society for Iranian Studies, and it was described in Library Journal as “[An] enriching study [that] illuminates some otherwise neglected areas of Persian and Islamic art.” It was destined to become a classic in the field.

Thanks to the current range of publishing options,Yale University Press is delighted to fulfill this destiny; this groundbreaking book is now available again in two new formats: print on demand and an enhanced ePub through Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle.

A leading expert on Persian albums and the art of the book, Professor Roxburgh discusses the diversity of portable art collections assembled in the courts of Greater Iran in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The album’s formal and physical properties, assembly, and content, as well as the viewer’s experience of the album are also explained. Featuring some 170 illustrations, most previously unpublished, the book offers a range of new insights not only into Persian visual culture and Islamic art history but also into the relevance of Persian albums to the history of collecting art and the history of art as a whole.

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