Celebrating Yale Press Founder’s Day with the Two ‘YUPs and a Nope’ Quiz

As faithful readers of our blog will no doubt already know, the Yale Press was founded in 1908 by George Parmly Day and his wife, Wilhelmina.  What you probably don’t know is that those early years were a little odd.  Below, we’ve included our favorite party game from our annual George Parmly Day Day celebration: Two YUPs and a Nope.  Each question includes two Yale titles from the early twentieth century along with one title of similar vintage from a sister university press. Our staff averaged around 50% correct, can you do better?

[slickquiz id=1]

George Parmly Day and Party Hat from Yale Press
George Parmly Day
and Party Hat

Yale Press Best Wishes

Yale Press snacks

Yale Press portrait and flag












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