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New Haven’s street art extravaganza

A two-day event featuring live painting, panel discussions and workshops took place the weekend before last at New Haven’s Coogan Pavilion and the neighboring skate park by the West River, in the city’s Edgewood Park. It was part an event series by a local not-for-profit called Site Projects celebrating 10 years of commissioning public art.

Local talent and artists from New York, Los Angeles, and other locales convened at the skate park and transformed its formerly bare, or occasionally tagged, ramps and walls into stunning outdoor gallery.  We visited the park on Sunday the 26th, as the event was drawing to a close, to admire the work – below are some of the photos we took.



After admiring the work and talking to some of the artists, we returned home and pulled one of our favorite books off the shelf: Rafael Schacter’s The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti.  With the click-clack sound of spray paint cans being shaken still echoing in our ears, we traveled around the world through the spectacular photos of street art in the book.  You can read more about the book on our blog here, here and here.

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