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We’re having a street photography contest inspired by The World Atlas of Street Photography!

We’re getting into the spirit of giving early this year: keep checking this blog over the coming weeks for plenty of chances to win copies of marvelous art and architecture titles. Today, an opportunity to win a copy of The World Atlas of Street Photography!

Photography and the city have always been linked. Photography developed in tandem with the Industrial Revolution and urbanization, and, in fact, the first ever photograph of people was also a photograph of the street – Louis Daguerre’s 1838 daguerreotype shows men and women walking on the Boulevard du Temple in Paris. Since then, urban life has remained a compelling subject for amateur and professional photographers alike. In her beautiful new book, The World Atlas of Street Photography, Jackie Higgins records the history of street photography from the invention of photography in the 1800s to the present.

To celebrate this release we’re holding a street photography contest, where you can draw your own inspiration from the roads and sidewalks around you!


On the street, what moments have caught your attention? The image can be documentary in style or posed. Email a street photograph you’ve taken to yaleartbooks@gmail.com*. The first two respondents will receive a copy each of Jackie Higgins’ The World Atlas of Street Photography!

*No purchase necessary. Privacy Policy.


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